Gemma Casadesus on Why most published research findings are false.

COMMENT In Search of “Absolute” Truth: Has the Lab Bench Replaced the “Burning at the Stake”? Once upon a time, there was a null hypothesis to be proved or disproved; nowadays, the null hypothesis (“negative data”) is in danger of extinction just because negative ...

Gemma Casadesus on Mutant Huntingtin—Trojan Horse or Trebuchet?

COMMENT Cortico-Cortical Connectivity: A Key Aspect to Neurodegeneration The work from William Yang and colleagues (Gu et al., 2005), while directed toward Huntington’s disease (HD), is likely broadly applicable to a number of neurodegenerative disorders ...

Gemma Casadesus on Blueberries for All?

COMMENT Dietary Antioxidants and Alzheimer Disease Gemma Casadesus, Mark A. Smith and George Perry While little is known about the mechanisms responsible for the neuronal degeneration seen during Alzheimer’s disease (AD), the progressive, age-related inability of ...

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