Steven Brenner on San Diego: ALS Research Goes to the Dogs

COMMENT The dog models do probably have a lot of advantages over mice, especially since they seem to be endogenous models rather than induced through genetic manipulation. Another large animal model that seems to be largely overlooked is equine motor neuron ...

Steven Brenner on Presenilins Open Escape Hatch for ER Calcium

COMMENT I was quite interested in the regulation of calcium within the endoplasmic reticulum, and subsequent cell death apparently related to calcium toxicity. It appears the presenilin1 and 2 permit calcium regulation, and familial Alzheimer presenilin1 and 2 ...

Steven Brenner on Memantine Wins FDA Approval

COMMENT I am optimistic about the introduction of memantine, and think it is more likely to affect a (if not the) basic trigger factor for onset of the disease. I plan to review results of long-term use of memantine in Germany, where I believe it has been used ...

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