John Breitner on Dementia Risk Ticks Up Near Major Roadways

COMMENT The culprit may indeed be air pollutants. But there's a potential confounder that, I would suggest, is quite plausible. Who wants to live near a major highway? Not me, nor most people I would think. Money buys privilege, so real property values near ...

John Breitner on Leon Thal Symposium Webinar

COMMENT CMS stands to benefit hugely from any successful development of efficacious interventions for prevention. They should be highly motivated to facilitate prevention research. We could start by clarifying that CMS will pay for clinical evaluation when the ...

John Breitner on Leon Thal Symposium Webinar

COMMENT Two endpoints should not be a problem, if one of the endpoints is reduced incidence of dementia. Dementia by definition implies functional impairment, which fills the need for a second endpoint. john.breitner 0 ...

John Breitner on Leon Thal Symposium Webinar

COMMENT If we have a chance to come back to methodologic dilemmas confronting Primary Prevention trials, it may be worth noting that it's possible to measure endpoints from trial populations that are very widely dispersed geographically. Think of ADAMS with ...

John Breitner on Differential Neuronal Vulnerability

COMMENT My thoughts are that this as a very interesting approach. It capitalizes on our understandings of the populations of neurons that are (and are not) vulnerable to degeneration in Parkinson's disease, and uses relatively recent but now well developed ...

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