Kaj Blennow on Neuronal Exosomes Embroiled in Controversy

COMMENT This paper by Norman and colleagues on the use of the L1CAM protein to enrich for “neuron-derived extracellular vesicles” (NDVEs), also called neuronally derived “exosomes,” is an important contribution on methodological aspects in the search for blood ...

Kaj Blennow on Closing in on a Blood Test for Alzheimer’s?

COMMENT These results are very promising, and lend further support to the use of blood Aβ as a screening biomarker for brain amyloidosis. The results add to the recent paper published last year that also used immunoprecipitation and mass spectrometry for ...

Kaj Blennow on CSF Tau Rivals Aβ for Predicting Cognitive Decline

COMMENT This is an interesting and important paper on the core AD CSF biomarkers in cognitively normal elderly. Biomarkers are increasingly used for inclusion purposes in clinical trials, to enrich for patients or normal elderly with biomarker evidence of AD ...

Kaj Blennow on Midlife CSF Crisis? Markers May Herald Future AD

COMMENT This is yet another important paper from the Washington University group on the very early evolution of pathogenic processes in AD. We have learned a lot about AD pathogenesis by studying AD biomarkers in cross-sectional studies, often with clinical ...

Kaj Blennow on Exosomes Divulge Lysosomal Unrest, Signal AD?

COMMENT This is an interesting study with large potential, since it identifies a set of candidate AD biomarkers in blood exosomes. The principle of isolating exosomes and quantifying specific candidate protein biomarkers is an attractive approach to identifying ...

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