Thomas Beach on Tau Tracer May Light Up All Tauopathies

COMMENT The sensitivity and specificity of tau tracers for human tau pathology cannot be known until there have been a substantial number of imaged patients with autopsies and neuropathological diagnoses. Clinical diagnostic accuracy for non-Alzheimer's ...

Thomas Beach on Toxic Synuclein Corrupts Native in Wild-Type Mice

COMMENT This is an impressive result, agreed. Just would like to point out that the most likely and earliest entry point for an exogenous process would be through the olfactory bulb, not the gut. Our thorough survey of the peripheral nervous system in subjects ...

Thomas Beach on Smoking Debate Still Smolders

COMMENT The epidemiological evidence should now be regarded as strongly against a protective role for smoking in Alzheimer's disease. Although several early prevalence studies showed that AD was less prevalent in elderly smokers, at least one large incidence ...

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