Thomas Bayer on Tg4-42

COMMENT The Tg4-42 model is the first, and currently only, model to express N-truncated human Aβ 4-42 without any other mutation, yet still develop neuronal loss and behavioral deficits. This is unique, because all other transgenic models that develop these ...

Thomas Bayer on TBA42

COMMENT The TBA42 model produces human pyroglutamate Aβ 3-42 in the CA1 region of the hippocampus. This peptide has received considerable attention in recent years, and has been hypothesized to be the Aβ species that seeds toxic aggregates, having prion-like ...

Thomas Bayer on Statins and AD—What Role Isoprenoids?

COMMENT This paper is most remarkable. The authors show that statin treatment, which has long been thought to be beneficial for Alzheimer disease patients, has two independent and diverging effects on APP processing. In a novel in-vitro system, the authors have ...

Thomas Bayer on Tackling Alzheimer’s from the Outside In

COMMENT The paper by Oddo et al published in Neuron 2004 is most interesting. Together with the earlier reports (Oddo et al., 2003a; Oddo et al., 2003b) the authors describe a “missing link” between Aβ-amyloid and Tau pathology in an animal model for Alzheimer& ...

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