Ben Barres on Some Neurons Enlist Glia to Take Care of Their Trash

COMMENT I think this is a very interesting discovery as it describes a completely novel process, transmitophagy, through which neurons can get rid of their mitochondria. Recent studies, including our own, have indicated that astrocytes are highly phagocytic cells ...

Ben Barres on Genomic analysis of reactive astrogliosis.

COMMENT Thanks for the kind comments about our paper! Just to respond to Carol Colton's question about LPS: We found that ischemia and LPS induced different reactive glial phenotypes, and we speculated, based on the nature of these phenotypes, that one type ...

Ben Barres on Channel-mediated tonic GABA release from glia.

COMMENT These are controversial findings and need corroboration. It would be interesting to confirm that the Bestrophin 1 (Best1) anion channel purported to release GABA from glia is expressed in these cells. The authors did not carry out in situ hybridization to ...

Ben Barres on Excitable Glia Liven Up White Matter

COMMENT This study demonstrated two groups of oligodendrocyte progenitor cells (OPCs) in developing and adult white matter. Although these are glial cells, one of the groups of OPCs is found to be highly electrically excitable, firing repetitive action potentials ...

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