Steve Barger on Microglia Build Plaques to Protect the Brain

COMMENT This is elegant and intriguing work. As one possible next step, it might be important to determine whether macrophage-like cells derived from circulating monocytes express the same constellation of TAM receptors, and behave in the same manner, toward ...

Steve Barger on On The Docket at AD/PD: The Many Crimes of ApoE4

COMMENT Regarding ApoE and autophagy, it appears the mechanism is a surprising one. A few years ago, Dale Bredesen and colleagues strengthened the evidence for ApoE being found intracellularly, in the nucleus and bound to DNA, in fact. As it turns out, the DNA ...

Steve Barger on Vigorous Exercise: Could it Promote ALS in Women?

COMMENT There was a really small difference in the exercise levels reported to confer risk. And I take issue with the claim by the paper's authors, and the reporting in this Alzforum article, that patients and controls differed in the number of times per ...

Steve Barger on Reelin in Aβ Damage?

COMMENT Joachim Herz and his lab have accomplished a milestone in research on the biology of reelin, a protein that has complex biochemistry and genetic contributions to brain development, as well as synaptic plasticity in the adult. Because it is so critical for ...

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