Wataru Araki on Pathogenic Presenilin Mutations Generate Aβ43

COMMENT I am very interested in the debate on the pathological effects of PS1 inactive mutations. I rather agree that we should not underestimate the potential role of Aβ43 in the formation of Aβ aggregates. Aβ43 possibly acts as a seed to recruit other Aβ ...

Wataru Araki on New Gene Strengthens Link Between ALS and FTD

COMMENT Williams et al. revealed the novel ALS/FTD-associated gene CCNF, which encodes cyclin F protein, a component of the SCF E3 ubiquitin-ligase complex. I find this paper particularly intriguing for two reasons. First, the paper clearly indicates that the ...

Wataru Araki on Peer Pressure? "Pal" Leads APP Down Amyloid Path

COMMENT This paper reported intriguing findings that amyloid precursor protein (APP) is palmitoylated at Cys186 and Cys187, and this palmitoylated form is cleaved by BACE1 in lipid rafts. Palmitoylation of transmembrane proteins usually occurs inside or close to ...

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