Carmela Abraham on Is Klotho’s Partner FGF23 a Cognition Protein?

COMMENT McGrath et al. report results from a 12-year follow-up of a Framingham Heart Study population, suggesting that a high serum FGF23 level is correlated with dementia. The higher serum FGF23 was associated with an increased risk of incident dementia and AD, ...

Carmela Abraham on AICD—Salute to Salutary Effects

COMMENT Yet another fascinating report from the Ashe laboratory is published in PNAS. Here, Karen Ashe and colleagues demonstrate that BACE1 cleavage of APP is needed for the enhancement of memory and the activity-dependent synaptic plasticity. A mouse model is ...

Carmela Abraham on Presenilin Loss of Function—Plan B for AD?

COMMENT Undoubtedly, the PNAS paper by Shen and Kelleher provides alternative lines of thought for the primary cause of neurodegeneration in FAD cases with presenilin mutations due to a presenilin loss of function. My question to the authors is, what is their ...

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