Rachel Bennett on Aβ Plaques: Breeding Ground for Toxic Tau?

COMMENT This is an exciting paper that nicely explores how Aβ interacts to enhance tau pathology using a model system that overcomes some of the limitations of transgenic mice. In work from our lab, we recently reported that Aβ pathology interacts with tau to ...

Takaomi Saido on Aβ Plaques: Breeding Ground for Toxic Tau?

COMMENT Based on pathological chronology and genetic evidence, I and others have postulated that Aβ is like the Mafia boss and tau is the hitman. The question is, how does Aβ amyloidosis induce tauopathy? In a previous study, a team led by Brad Hyman showed that ...

Peter Nelson on Distinct Cognitive Fates in the Very Old

COMMENT Zhao and colleagues studied neurocognitive outcomes over ~12 years for 175 persons stratified by baseline PiB-PET (Aβ) status and structural MRI (operationalized by hippocampal volume, HV). The research participants were a subgroup of the Ginkgo ...

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