Elvira De Leonibus on Better Living Through Polyamines?

COMMENT Polyamines are physiologically present in our cells, where they regulate many physiological functions. Their beneficial effects have been observed on the cardiovascular system and longevity. As we age, polyamine levels drop, and this is thought to have a ...

Russell Swerdlow on Better Living Through Polyamines?

COMMENT To someone who sees bioenergetic metabolism, mitochondria, and mitochondria-related biology as sitting at the center of brain aging and Alzheimer’s disease, these are very exciting papers. There are pretty solid experimental data from animal studies that ...

Jürgen Götz on Better Living Through Polyamines?

COMMENT Interestingly, while many studies reveal that pathological changes of Aβ and tau, including their aggregation into oligomers and fibrils, can lead to mitochondrial dysfunction, a similar causality cannot be easily established for mitochondrial dysfunction ...

Sergio Ferreira on Better Living Through Polyamines?

COMMENT In these back-to-back papers in Cell Reports, two European groups have undertaken a careful and very detailed investigation of the beneficial actions of dietary spermidine supplementation on mitochondrial function and aging-related phenotypes, notably ...

Kiara Freitag, Frank Heppner on Better Living Through Polyamines?

COMMENT Spermidine and polyamines: What they could do in aging and AD? The role of polyamines in the context of aging was elegantly investigated in three recent complementary studies: dysregulation of the polyamine metabolism induced by overexpression of the ...

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