Miranda Orr on Plaques Age Glial Precursors, Stoking Inflammation

COMMENT It is exciting to see continued interest surrounding cellular senescence in neurodegenerative diseases. Prior studies have reported senescent cells in postmortem human brains from patients with Alzheimer’s disease (Bhat et al., 2012; Musi et al., 2018), ...

Stefano Sensi on Results from Verubecestat APECS Trial Published

COMMENT I side with the closing comments of David Knopman: "To be blunt, Aβ lowering seems to be an ineffective approach, and it is time to focus on other targets to move therapeutics for Alzheimer’s disease forward." We do need a fresh start and also ...

Karl Herrup on Results from Verubecestat APECS Trial Published

COMMENT There really is no way to spin this that avoids the conclusion that these findings weaken, if not falsify, the hypothesis that Aβ production produces Alzheimer’s disease. If there were no effect, there might be some wiggle room left. The fact is that, ...

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