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New Frontier: Developing Outcome Measures for Pre-dementia Trials

WEBINAR 2013-04-09 See questions answered by Suzanne Hendrix As researchers push into the frontier of early-stage and preventative Alzheimer's disease clinical trials, they will have to measure whether a drug works in people who do not have dementia yet. Traditional ...

Using ADNI Data—Online Training, Part 1

WEBINAR 2013-04-08 On 4 April 2013, the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative biostatistics core held the first session of its two-part online training course on using ADNI data. Led by Danielle Harvey of the University of California, Davis, the session gave a ...

How Cognitive Stimulation Might Protect Against Aβ Oligomers

WEBINAR 2013-03-20 Cognitive stimulation has been shown to lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, but what actually happens in the brain to confer protection? In the March 6 Neuron, researchers led by Dennis Selkoe report that β2-adrenergic signaling plays a key role. Wild ...

Neuroinflammation—A Prelude to Alzheimer's?

WEBINAR 2012-12-20 Neuroinflammation plays a major role in Alzheimer's disease, but whether it represents a cause or a response to pathology is unclear. In the November 27 Nature Reviews Neurology, Dimitrije Krstic and Irene Knuesel argue that age-related chronic ...

International Student Workshop on AD

WEBINAR 2012-11-08 What makes a good grant proposal in Alzheimer’s research? How to develop and present it? What are funders looking for? Students from all over the world learned the answers by working hands-on with established Alzheimer’s disease researchers at a workshop ...

Latest γ-Secretase Substrate Involved in Synaptic Stability, Autism?

WEBINAR 2012-11-02 Over the years, γ-secretase has garnered intense interest from scientists and drug developers who have targeted the multimeric complex in an attempt to curb production of amyloid-β (Aβ), the peptide believed to underlie Alzheimer’s disease. Meanwhile, the ...

Weeding Mendel’s Garden: Can We Hoe Dubious Genetic Associations?

WEBINAR 2012-08-03 Scientists have uncovered hundreds of genetic variants that purportedly cause familial forms of various neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, frontotemporal dementias, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. But are all of these ...

“Network Epicenters” in Healthy Connectome Predict Dementia

WEBINAR 2012-04-16 Once Alzheimer’s disease pathology takes hold, it inexorably spreads through the brain. Frontotemporal dementias are just as relentless, but they march along different anatomical corridors. What’s behind these patterns? Can brain scans trace the ...

AD in the Oldest Old—What Does Aβ Have to Do With It?

WEBINAR 2012-03-26 In a keynote lecture at the Human Amyloid Imaging conference, held 12-13 January 2012 in Miami, Florida, Claudia Kawas argued that the oldest old should receive more attention. Kawas leads the world’s largest study of people 90 and older. Listen to the ...

Who Should Use the New Diagnostic Guidelines? The Debate Continues

WEBINAR 2012-01-13 Download a PDF of this Forum Discussion Ever since new criteria came out for a research diagnosis of prodromal/preclinical Alzheimer’s disease, plus criteria for a research and clinical diagnosis of the MCI and dementia stages of the disease, they have ...

Adding Dynamics and Nuance to Alzheimer’s Staging

WEBINAR 2012-01-05 Being able to image amyloid, glucose metabolism, atrophy, even network connectivity in living patients has been a boon for those trying to stage the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and positron emission ...

Evolution of AD Trials

WEBINAR 2011-11-17 In a sign that researchers are grappling with therapy development, the 4th International Conference on Clinical Trials on Alzheimer's Disease was filled beyond the capacity of its venue, drawing 522 researchers from around the globe. Held 3-5 ...

Clearing the Fog Around Aβ Oligomers

WEBINAR 2011-10-14 Like calling a spade a spade? What about an Aβ oligomer? The study of this peptide’s oligomers has taken off in the last decade. Many labs have developed their own favorite means of making, purifying, and studying them. Researchers have isolated dimers, ...

Resolving Controversies on the Path to AD Therapeutics

WEBINAR 2011-10-06 Alzforum was pleased to partner with the journals Nature Medicine and Nature Reviews Drug Discovery in hosting a Webinar panel discussion on Thursday, 29 September 2011. At issue were a Perspective article by Dennis Selkoe on "Resolving controversies ...

Slow Aβ Clearance Is ApoE4’s Modus Operandi in Late-Onset AD

WEBINAR 2011-07-26 Alzforum has been pleased to partner with the journal Science Translational Medicine in hosting a Webinar discussion of a new Alzheimer’s disease research study published 29 June 2011. The journal generously granted free access to Castellano et al. for ...

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