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Larry Sparks, of Alzheimer’s-Cholesterol Fame, Dies at 63

COMMUNITY NEWS 2013-05-18 Community News Alzheimer's disease researchers expressed sadness this week at the sudden death of Larry Sparks, senior scientist at the Banner Sun Health Research Institute, Sun City, Arizona, at the age of 63. Sparks worked in Sun City from 1997. ...

GSAP Revisited: Does It Really Play a Role in Processing Aβ?

RESEARCH NEWS 2014-01-03 Research News In Alzheimer’s research, finding a way to safely lower Aβ levels in the human brain remains a central goal. Thus, scientists were excited by a 2010 Nature paper in which researchers led by Nobel laureate Paul Greengard at Rockefeller ...

Pathogenic Presenilin Mutations Generate Aβ43

RESEARCH NEWS 2016-04-29 Research News Papers in the March 17 EMBO Molecular Medicine and the April 20 Neuron have reignited a simmering debate about the role of presenilin mutations in familial Alzheimer’s disease. Both studies dispute a claim made previously by Jie Shen, Ray ...

Lodged in Late Endosomes, Presenilin 2 Churns Out Intraneuronal Aβ

RESEARCH NEWS 2016-06-10 Research News Presenilin 2 has long lived in the shadow of its sibling, presenilin 1. Either one can serve as the catalytic subunit of γ-secretase, but presenilin 1 has hogged much of the limelight, in part because many more pathogenic Alzheimer’s disease ...

Merck Pulls Plug on Phase 2/3 BACE Inhibitor Trial

RESEARCH NEWS 2017-02-15 Research News Merck dropped a Valentine’s Day downer announcing they will stop the EPOCH trial of verubecestat  in mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease. A prespecified interim analysis by an external data-monitoring committee gave the trial “virtually no ...

Semagacestat, a Pseudo γ-Secretase Inhibitor?

RESEARCH NEWS 2017-10-12 Research News Seven years after semagacestat failed in Phase 3 clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease, researchers led by Masayasu Okochi at Osaka University, Japan, offer a new reason why. In the October 3 Cell Reports, the scientists claim that the γ ...

Lymphatic Brain Drain Withers in Aging, Worsens Disease

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-07-27 Research News In recent years, scientists have characterized a hidden set of lymphatic vessels in the meninges, the membranes that line the skull and envelope the brain (Oct 2017 news). These meningeal lymphatic vessels carry waste from the cerebrospinal ...

Immunotherapy Update: Toward Patches and Creams

RESEARCH NEWS 2007-01-25 Research News In the future, could Alzheimer disease treatments come as an ointment, or a skin patch? That may not be as far out as it seems, with a new study published this week in PNAS online showing that mice produce amyloid-clearing antibodies after ...

ApoE Binds Complement Protein, Keeps Inflammatory Cascade in Check

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-02-01 Research News This story was updated on February 5, 2019. Just when you thought ApoE biology couldn’t get any more complicated, scientists have discovered a new function for this apolipoprotein. According to a January 28 paper in Nature Medicine, ApoE ...

Does a Breached Blood-Brain Barrier Cause Seizures in AD?

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-12-06 Research News In back-to-back papers in the December 4 Science Translational Medicine, scientists led by Daniela Kaufer, University of California, Berkeley, and Alon Friedman, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel, report that age-related ...

Gaining Notoriety, SORL1 Claims Spot Among Top Alzheimer’s Genes

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-06-07 Research News In the complex genetics of Alzheimer’s, only a handful of genes by themselves have a massive impact on risk. ApoE4 and TREM2 boost a person’s odds of late-onset AD from three- to 12-fold, and the three autosomal-dominant genes APP, PS1, and ...

Aberrant Networks in Alzheimer’s Tied to Herpes Viruses

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-06-21 Research News An extensive, multi-cohort, multi-network analysis of what goes wrong in the Alzheimer’s brain and why, has turned up none other than human herpes and other viruses. The big data analyses, a four-year project, is detailed in the June 21 ...

Tau: Why Alzheimer’s Worsens Fast in Some, Slowly in Others

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-06-22 Research News Why do some people with AD slide rapidly into severe dementia, while others decline gradually over more than a decade? Part of the answer could come down to which biochemical forms of tau inhabit a person’s brain, suggests a study published ...

Does a Stimulating Childhood Stem Amyloid Plaques in Golden Years?

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-07-02 Research News A childhood rich with intellectual stimulation may help the brain resist the onslaught of Alzheimer’s disease decades later, according to a study published June 29 in JAMA Neurology. Researchers led by David Bennett at Rush University ...

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