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The Air We Breathe—How Might Pollution Hurt the Brain?

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-05-23 Research News Part 2 of 2 For decades, studies of pulmonary and vascular systems dominated the air-pollution-research landscape. Researchers paid scant attention to the brain, which they considered safely ensconced behind the blood-brain barrier. But the ...

Air Pollution and Dementia—Through Hazy Data, Links Emerge

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-05-22 Research News Part 1 of 2 As coronavirus lockdowns have led to noticeably clearer skies above many metropolitan areas, people are beginning to wonder anew about the effects of air pollution. Traffic and industrial exhaust have long been linked to ...

Can Induced Neurons Identify Early Signs of Neurodegeneration?

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2019-09-07 Conference Coverage Researchers have linked dozens of genetic loci to late-onset Alzheimer’s disease and found dozens more that cause familial forms of AD and other neurodegenerative diseases. Teasing out how each contributes to pathology has proven a ...

Shiny SEQUIN: New Technique Counts Synapses Over Large Brain Volumes

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-06-01 Research News Synapses are central in Alzheimer’s disease, but they are hard to study. The microscopic techniques that offer a glimpse at these tiny structures require expensive equipment and laborious ultra-sectioning of brain tissue, and cover only very ...

FDA Approves Edaravone for Treatment of ALS

RESEARCH NEWS 2017-05-08 Research News Placed on a fast track for evaluation by the Food and Drug administration, the free radical scavenger edaravone has been approved for the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in the United States. By tamping down oxidative stress ...

11th ICFTD Meeting in Sydney Sorts Out Clinical Subtypes

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2018-12-04 Conference Coverage Indigenous Australian people opened the 11th International Conference on Frontotemporal Dementia at the International Convention Center, Sydney, November 11–14. Koomurri performers welcomed more than 600 attendees from 37 countries. ...

Diagnosis and Prognosis in the “Other” Motor Neuron Diseases

RESEARCH NEWS 2009-06-12 Research News Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, already a rare condition affecting one to three people in 100,000, nonetheless garners most of the attention in the field of motor neuron disease. Those conditions that affect motor neurons but are not ALS make ...

Disadvantaged Neighborhoods Raise Odds of Alzheimer’s

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-06-12 Research News Living in an underserved neighborhood has been linked to all manner of health problems and disadvantages, and a new study adds Alzheimer’s disease to the list. In a paper published June 11 in JAMA Network Open, researchers led by Amy Kind at ...

Does Common Structure Explain Cross-Seeding of Fibrils?

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-06-19 Research News Amyloid-β is not the only component of the senile plaques that mark Alzheimer’s disease. Are the others mere bystanders that get caught in a web of Aβ fibrils, or are they more nefarious, instigating growth of these deposits? For the protein ...

Meet the New Progressive Tauopathy: CTE in Athletes, Soldiers

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2012-11-20 Conference Coverage When autopsies of football stars and wrestlers who had committed suicide touched off a storm of media coverage some years ago, the initial story was one of concussions putting athletes at risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Since then, ...

RBFOX1 Gene Tied to Amyloidosis in Preclinical Alzheimer’s

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-06-30 Research News Massive genome-wide association studies for Alzheimer’s disease have primarily correlated genetic variants with clinical diagnosis, a rubric that is fraught with uncertainty. In a GWAS published June 22 in JAMA Neurology, researchers led by ...

Primary Tauopathies Get New PET Ligands

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2020-03-06 Conference Coverage Scientists studying the non-Alzheimer’s disease tauopathies have struggled to find tracers that will bind the particular forms of tau that predominate in those diseases. At Tau2020, held February 12–13 in Washington, D.C., Gil ...

Tau PET: The Field Expands Rapidly

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2020-02-26 Conference Coverage As the field of Alzheimer’s and related dementias is trying to go all-in on detecting—and targeting—tau pathology, scientists are still grappling with exactly how to deploy PET imaging in the effort. A still-new, and still-limited set ...

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