Studies Reveal New Hope, Old Problems With AD Biomarkers

RESEARCH NEWS 2009-04-17 Research News Brain imaging and cognitive tests may be the gold standards for tracking Alzheimer disease progression, but clinical trials using these procedures are expensive, risky, and time-consuming, making the development of reliable go-betweens a ...

Stem Cells Reveal Mechanism Behind Alzheimer’s Risk Factor

RESEARCH NEWS 2015-03-13 Research News Genome-wide association studies have uncovered more than 20 genes that are linked to Alzheimer’s, but scientists have struggled to discover how the potential risk variants actually contribute to disease. Now, in the April 2 Cell Stem Cell, ...

Voilà SorLA! Sorting Receptor’s Structure Solved

RESEARCH NEWS 2015-02-06 Research News Researchers have published the crystal structure of part of the SorLA neuronal sorting receptor, a known genetic risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease. Reporting in the February 2 Nature Structural and Molecular Biology, scientists led by ...

SORLA Serves Up Aβ for Destruction

RESEARCH NEWS 2014-02-14 Research News The giant metal claw at a junkyard carries pieces of metal off to be crushed. Could SORLA  dispose of Aβ in a similar way? In the February 12 Science Translational Medicine, scientists led by Thomas Willnow, Max-Delbrück-Center for Molecular ...

New Genetic Insights Into AD: SORL1 and Natural Selection

RESEARCH NEWS 2012-04-06 Research News Two papers published this month claim to identify those at greatest risk for Alzheimer’s disease and illuminate the mechanisms behind it. In one, French researchers identify a gene that may be poised to join the ranks of the few that are ...

Keystone: Probing the Function of Lipoprotein and Related Receptors

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2012-03-28 Conference Coverage On the face of it, lipoprotein receptors may not sound like they have much to do with Alzheimer’s disease, or even the central nervous system. But as scientists are finding out more about these multifaceted cell-surface proteins, they ...

Sorting Progranulin With Sortilin—New Clues to FTLD Pathology

RESEARCH NEWS 2010-11-26 Research News Progranulin, a raw form of granulin (GRN), landed center stage of neurodegeneration research four years ago (see ARF related news story), when scientists discovered that loss-of-function mutations in the GRN gene cause a specific form of ...

Aβ and SORLA—Partners in Cerebrovascular Crime?

RESEARCH NEWS 2008-12-19 Research News For years there has been a somewhat murky connection between Alzheimer disease and cerebrovascular disease, and some recent findings thicken the plot even further. Researchers report that certain genetic variations in the gene for SORLA—a ...

Sorting Out SorLA—What Role in APP Processing, AD?

RESEARCH NEWS 2007-09-25 Research News The sorting receptor SorLA is thought to triage both amyloidogenic and non-amyloidogenic Aβ precursor protein (APP) processing, but exactly how it manages this feat has been a mystery. In a paper in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, ...

AD Genetics—Problems and Promise

RESEARCH NEWS 2007-04-12 Research News The completion of the human genome sequence brought renewed hope that genetic causes and susceptibilities to disease could be identified. But for Alzheimer disease (AD), little has really changed. Scientists still face the fundamental ...

Paper Alert: SorLa and APP

RESEARCH NEWS 2005-09-10 Research News This week, a study previously reported in our Conference News appeared in PNAS. In it, Thomas Willnow and colleagues describe how the trafficking protein sorLA, an LDL receptor, affects APP processing. Read Tom Fagan’s story from Sorrento, ...

Parkinson's Therapies Seek to Stem Progression

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2020-04-22 Conference Coverage At the second biannual Advances in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Therapies Focus Meeting (AAT-AD/PD), held virtually April 2 to 5, companies offered some news on investigational Parkinson’s therapies in Phase 1. One approach is targeted ...

Beware That Toast: Gluten Sensitivity in Some People with ALS?

RESEARCH NEWS 2015-04-20 Research News Could the treatment for the untreatable—that is, motor neuron disease—be as simple as, “Hold the bread”? Vivian Drory and colleagues at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center in Israel suggest that gluten sensitivity might masquerade as ...

Alzheimer's Disease Research Summit 2015: Expanding the Horizon

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2015-02-21 Conference Coverage The first day of the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Summit 2015, hosted by the National Institutes of Health February 9-10 in Washington, D.C., focused on finding therapeutic targets for Alzheimer’s and testing them in clinical trials ...

Herpesvirus: Trigger for Many Brain Pathologies?

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2019-07-14 Conference Coverage This is Part 2 of a two-part story. At a workshop during the 11th International Conference on HHV-6 and HHV-7, held June 23 to 26, 2019, in Quebec City, Canada, experts on human herpesviruses treated Alzheimer’s researchers to a lesson ...

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