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Confused About the DIAN-TU Trial Data? Experts Discuss

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2020-04-10 Conference Coverage At the virtual AAT-AD/PD Focus meeting held April 1 to 5, clinicians and funders involved in the Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer’s Network Trials Unit (DIAN-TU) fired up their home computers to discuss results from the first DIAN-TU ...

Which Are the Right Tests to Satisfy New FDA Guidance?

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2018-11-27 Conference Coverage As researchers push toward testing Alzheimer’s drugs at presymptomatic stages, the hurdle before them—how to show efficacy and get a drug approved—looks different than before. In its February 2018 draft guidance for industry, the U.S. ...

Non-Amyloid Treatments: Inflammation, Epigenetics, Regeneration

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2017-05-11 Conference Coverage Alzheimer’s researchers are pursuing treatments beyond amyloid and tau, and at the 13th International Conference on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases, held March 29 to April 2 in Vienna, they shared news on drugs in Phase 1 and 2 ...

‘Working from Home’: Do Gut Microbes Hold Sway Over Glia, Aβ?

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2020-04-16 Conference Coverage At the virtual AAT-AD/PD meeting, held April 2 to 5 online, researchers substantiated some prior hints on potential causal connections between the throngs of bacteria inhabiting the gut, how microglia function in the brain, and ...

Active Tau Vaccine: Hints of Slowing Neurodegeneration

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2020-04-15 Conference Coverage Because cognition in Alzheimer’s disease declines as tangles spread, and tau research tools are finally in hand, researchers are increasingly homing in on tau immunotherapy. At the second biannual Advances in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson ...

Tau Receptor Identified on Cell Surface

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2020-03-07 Conference Coverage Evidence now seems overwhelming that toxic forms of tau spread from cell to cell, causing the characteristic progression of tauopathies such as Alzheimer’s and frontotemporal dementia. But how does tau get from one cell to another? At ...

Antibody Against α-Synuclein Looks Safe In Phase 1

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2015-03-31 Conference Coverage People with Parkinson’s disease have treatment options, but none directly tackle the underlying pathology of misfolded and aggregated α-synuclein. That may be poised to change, with numerous approaches targeting the protein now in the ...

New Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Immunotherapy Data at AAN

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2018-05-04 Conference Coverage For neurodegeneration researchers, highlights at the 2018 conference of the American Academy of Neurology, held April 21–27 in Los Angeles, California, were centiloid analysis of PET scans, the latest cognition update from people ...

Parkinson’s Treatments Go After Genetic Targets

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2018-04-17 Conference Coverage Current treatments for Parkinson’s disease target motor symptoms, and do nothing to halt progression or address other aspects of the disease. To get beyond this state of affairs, researchers are targeting the underlying disease ...

With TREM2, Timing Is Everything

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2020-04-22 Conference Coverage Certain variants in the TREM2 gene more than triple a person’s risk of AD, seemingly by sapping the protective function this microglial receptor performs. According to findings presented at the virtual AAT-AD/PD meeting, held April 2 ...

α-Synuclein Antibody Misses Primary, May Have Signal on Secondaries

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2020-04-22 Conference Coverage Roche and Prothena today announced  topline results from the first half of their Phase 2 trial of the α-synuclein antibody prasinezumab. Results were negative on the MDS-UPDRS, the primary outcome measure, but the company said it saw ...

Antisense Oligonucleotides: Can They Take on ALS, SMA, Prions?

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2019-05-22 Conference Coverage At the American Academy of Neurology’s 71st Annual Meeting, held May 4–10 in Philadelphia, researchers showcased their latest data on antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs). These short, synthetic, single-stranded oligodeoxynucleotides bind ...

Adding ALS to the Manifestations of VCP Mutations

RESEARCH NEWS 2010-12-20 Research News Mutations in valosin-containing protein (VCP) come in many guises. VCP deficiency can manifest as symptoms in the muscles, bones, or brain, and in the November 9 Neuron, a multinational team of researchers added motor neurons to that list. ...

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