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U.S. Study Says Lithium in Tap Water Does Not Fend Off Dementia

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-05-24 Research News Lithium, used widely to treat bipolar disorder, does double duty as a neuroprotective and neurotrophic agent. Low levels of lithium, found naturally in drinking water, seem to ward off psychiatric disease, but whether they do the same for ...

CryoEM γ-Secretase Structures Nail APP, Notch Binding

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-01-11 Research News Targeting the γ-secretase protease to prevent Alzheimer’s disease would require surgical precision to shut down Aβ42 production while allowing the non-pathogenic processing of amyloid precursor protein (APP) and other important substrates to ...

Closing the Book on NSAIDs for Alzheimer’s Prevention

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-04-12 Research News Epidemiological data suggest that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) stave off dementia, but multiple clinical trials have failed to bear that out. Now, the most recent and, the authors say, final effort has come up short. In the ...

Anatomy News Flash: Brain Drains Lymphatic Fluid Through Its Base

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-07-26 Research News The 2015 discovery of lymphatic vessels in the brain’s meninges threw open a door to seeing how this still-mysterious organ clears waste. Subsequent work showed that these vessels, which reside in the brain’s outermost membrane, the dura ...

A Central Role for Prion Protein in Neurodegeneration?

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-02-06 Research News Like Aβ oligomers, soluble aggregates of tau and α-synuclein bind to cellular prion protein, poisoning neurons, according to a study published in Acta Neuropathologica. Using a standardized procedure to produce soluble aggregates of these ...

Blunt Instruments: α-Synuclein Antibodies Poorly Distinguish Forms

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-10-16 Research News The exquisite specificity of antibodies powers neurodegenerative research, enabling reliable assays, precise diagnostics, and targeted therapeutics. Unless … some antibodies are not as specific as has been thought. In the September 22 ...

Lithium Hinders Aβ Generation, Buffing Up GSK as Drug Target

RESEARCH NEWS 2003-05-22 Research News The widely used psychiatric drug lithium, and other agents that inhibit glycogen synthase kinase-3 (GSK3), have been mentioned as possible Alzheimer's disease therapies for some time, primarily because GSK3 is one of several kinases ...

Atorvastatin, Vaccine Trial Data Published

RESEARCH NEWS 2005-05-13 Research News A mixed bag of epidemiologic studies alternatively hold up and knock down the promise that widely prescribed cholesterol-lowering statin drugs might offer some protection against Alzheimer disease progression (see ARF related news story). ...

Love a Good Fight? Check Out Brouhaha Over Amyloid Imaging

COMMUNITY NEWS 2012-02-02 Community News See Q&A With Bengt Långström The ability to visualize fibrillar Aβ deposits in the brains of living people has been hailed as a breakthrough for Alzheimer’s disease research and differential diagnosis. Now, as the first of a suite of ...

Presenilins Open Escape Hatch for ER Calcium

RESEARCH NEWS 2006-09-09 Research News A paper out today in Cell proposes a novel role for presenilins in calcium signaling—that of an ion channel. The work, from Ilya Bezprozvanny and colleagues at the University of Texas Medical Center at Dallas, shows that presenilins appear ...

APP Double Dose Causes Early Onset AD

RESEARCH NEWS 2005-12-20 Research News For the first time, researchers have identified duplications of the amyloid precursor protein (APP) gene locus as the cause of early onset Alzheimer disease in five families. The findings, from the laboratory of Dominique Campion of INSERM ...

Chicago: Out of the Blue—A Tau-based Treatment for AD?

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2008-08-07 Conference Coverage Of all clinical trials reported at the International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease (ICAD) held 26-31 July in Chicago, one targeting the protein tau was the therapy du jour, both in terms of buzz among scientists and media coverage. ...

Alzheimer’s Vaccine: In Some Patients, at Least, It Might Just Work

RESEARCH NEWS 2003-05-21 Research News After a tough year, during which believers in immunotherapy for Alzheimer’s disease have had to fend off vociferous criticism, the news now appears to pick up. In tomorrow’s Neuron, Swiss researchers announce that among the AD patients who ...

Los Angeles: People With Memory Loss Speak for Themselves

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2007-10-29 Conference Coverage On Saturday, 27 October, in Los Angeles, an unusual conference marked a paradigm shift in the Alzheimer disease movement, or so its organizers hope and vow. Put together jointly by Richard Bozanich (see ARF Q&A) and Jay Smith, two ...

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