When Host Proteins Coat Virus, Amyloid Fibrils Form

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-05-29 Research News When a virus enters a biological fluid of a host—blood, lung, or cerebrospinal fluid—it becomes ensheathed by a unique set of proteins from its new environment. The proteins that make up the sheath differ depending on the fluid and on the ...

San Diego: Treating Forgetfulness—Triple Transgenics Provoke

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2004-11-03 Conference Coverage A mouse model that mimics both signature pathologies of Alzheimer disease develops a day-to-day forgetfulness at four months, a young adult age when the animals' brains accumulate the Aβ peptide inside their neurons but don’t yet ...

Lilly Halts IDENTITY Trials as Patients Worsen on Secretase Inhibitor

RESEARCH NEWS 2010-08-18 Research News Eli Lilly and Company announced yesterday that it has halted its Semagacestat γ-secretase inhibitor program. Preliminary results from two ongoing Phase 3 trials (the IDENTITY and IDENTITY-2 trials) revealed that the drug not only failed to ...

Law and Disorder—APPswe Patent Suits Raise Ruckus Again

COMMUNITY NEWS 2010-06-16 Community News The fight against Alzheimer disease rallies warriors of many sorts—families caring for afflicted loved ones, scientists toiling late nights in the lab to unravel disease mechanisms, advocates lobbying for research funding, companies ...

NIH Director Announces $100M Prevention Trial of Genentech Antibody

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2012-05-16 Conference Coverage Updated 21 May 2012 On May 21, the New York Times editorial page commented on this upcoming trial.  On 15 May at the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Summit 2012, a conference hosted by the National Institute on Aging, Francis Collins ...

San Diego: Oligomers Live Up to Bad Reputation, Part 1

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2007-11-16 Conference Coverage Over the past decade, researchers have shifted away from a literal interpretation of Alois Alzheimer’s groundbreaking discovery of plaques and tangles as the likely cause of Alzheimer disease. After years of argument—mostly in the ...

Breakthrough or False Hope? Etanercept Case Report Draws Scrutiny

RESEARCH NEWS 2008-01-21 Research News Can an FDA-approved arthritis drug double as a therapy for Alzheimer disease? Claiming it did in a patient, a case report published in the January 9 Journal of Neuroinflammation generated a wave of media attention that splashed across ...

Target BACE: Better Than Ever?

RESEARCH NEWS 2004-01-09 Research News Also see Q&A below with Masuo Ohno, Robert Vassar, and John Disterhoft. In yesterday’s Neuron, researchers presented fresh in-vivo support for the amyloid hypothesis, and they bolster the status of the APP protease BACE as the current ...

Antibodies Stop Toxic Tau in Its Extracellular Tracks

RESEARCH NEWS 2013-09-26 Research News Like the police boot that keeps your car off the road, certain antibodies can stop pathological tau in its tracks and prevent it from infiltrating neurons, according to a paper in today’s Neuron online. Scientists led by joint senior authors ...

Mistakes Prompt Retraction of Controversial Paper, and Publication Ban

RESEARCH NEWS 2015-03-05 Research News On February 25, the Journal of Neuroscience quietly posted on its website  its retraction of a 2011 paper that questioned the existence of Aβ aggregates inside neurons. In a terse statement, the journal, a publication of the Society for ...

Brexit Could Threaten Neurodegenerative Disease Research in Europe

COMMUNITY NEWS 2016-07-08 Community News The decision by the people of Great Britain to leave the European Union not only left political chaos in its wake, but also roiled neuroscientists across the United Kingdom. Researchers there fret that the decision will cut them off from EU ...

U.S. Study Says Lithium in Tap Water Does Not Fend Off Dementia

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-05-24 Research News Lithium, used widely to treat bipolar disorder, does double duty as a neuroprotective and neurotrophic agent. Low levels of lithium, found naturally in drinking water, seem to ward off psychiatric disease, but whether they do the same for ...

CryoEM γ-Secretase Structures Nail APP, Notch Binding

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-01-11 Research News Targeting the γ-secretase protease to prevent Alzheimer’s disease would require surgical precision to shut down Aβ42 production while allowing the non-pathogenic processing of amyloid precursor protein (APP) and other important substrates to ...

Closing the Book on NSAIDs for Alzheimer’s Prevention

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-04-12 Research News Epidemiological data suggest that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) stave off dementia, but multiple clinical trials have failed to bear that out. Now, the most recent and, the authors say, final effort has come up short. In the ...

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