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Statins Boost α-Secretase, but Not Through Cholesterol

RESEARCH NEWS 2005-01-13 Research News In efforts to interfere with Aβ peptide production, most of the attention has been lavished on the β- and γ-secretase enzymes. Could, however, their neglected cousin α-secretase prove to be the better target? In an article published January ...

Field Loses Chad Dickey, 40, to Cancer

COMMUNITY NEWS 2016-11-30 Community News Chad Dickey, associate professor at the Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute at the University of South Florida, Tampa, passed away last Friday, November 25, after a short bout with cancer. “Chad was an incredible scientist who was just starting to ...

Looking outside the Brain for Early Signs of AD

RESEARCH NEWS 2005-10-02 Research News The use of gene expression profiling to characterize Alzheimer disease pathology has, unsurprisingly, focused on changes in brain tissue (see ARF related news story), but the search for biomarkers that might allow early diagnosis is moving ...

Cholinesterase Inhibitors Not What They're Cracked Up To Be?

RESEARCH NEWS 2004-07-05 Research News The results of the AD2000 study of donepezil (Aricept) in Alzheimer's—published in the June 26 Lancet—made a big splash in the media pond. While confirming previous findings of modest benefits on certain tests, the study authors ...

Dementia à la Mold? Fungi May Lurk in Alzheimer’s Brains

RESEARCH NEWS 2015-10-16 Research News Could infectious agents that enter the brain contribute in some way to neurodegenerative disease? This idea has been fermenting in recent years, and new data from researchers led by Luis Carrasco at the Autonomous University of Madrid add ...

Do APP Knock-ins Call Overexpression Models of AD into Question?

RESEARCH NEWS 2016-09-22 Research News A paper in the September 21 Journal of Neuroscience suggests that two prominent phenotypes considered relevant to Alzheimer’s disease are artifacts caused by overexpression of the amyloid precursor protein (APP). Scientists led by Takaomi ...

Robert D. Terry, 93, Co-Founder of U.S. Alzheimer’s Research

COMMUNITY NEWS 2017-05-30 Community News On May 20, at age 93, Robert Davis Terry passed away in Carlsbad, California. Terry had been in declining health for some time, according to Michael Shelanski of Columbia University, New York, an early trainee and longtime friend. During ...

Chris Dobson, Master of Protein Folding Research, Dies at 69

COMMUNITY NEWS 2019-09-17 Community News Researchers are mourning the passing of a giant in the field of protein chemistry. Christopher Dobson succumbed to cancer on September 8, a month shy of his 70th birthday. Dobson, who had worked at the University of Cambridge since 2001, ...

Topline Result for First DIAN-TU Clinical Trial: Negative on Primary

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-02-10 Research News DIAN participants and investigators today are grappling with difficult news. A topline analysis of the first Phase 2/3 clinical trial that the DIAN-TU trials platform mounted for carriers of dominantly inherited Alzheimer’s disease mutations ...

Closing in on a Blood Test for Alzheimer’s?

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-02-02 Research News For decades, scientists have yearned for a blood test that can tell who accumulates amyloid in the brain. A simple blood draw would help fill clinical trials much more quickly and cheaply than PET scans or lumbar punctures. The dream looks ...

Could Contaminated Scalpels Seed Amyloidosis?

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-09-18 Research News Under rare circumstances, Aβ seeds can be transferred to people during medical procedures. Researchers have turned up a few cases of tissue transplants or hormones from cadavers triggering amyloidosis in the brains or blood vessels of ...

Herpes Triggers Amyloid—Could This Virus Fuel Alzheimer’s?

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-06-29 Research News Aβ is generally considered a rogue peptide, but recent research is building a case that it may have a secret identity as an antimicrobial superhero. Confronted with an unwelcome bacteria or fungus, the peptide quickly forms amyloid fibrils ...

FDA Invites Comment on Drug Testing Guidance for Early AD

COMMUNITY NEWS 2013-03-29 Community News In light of recent failures in high-profile Alzheimer’s disease clinical trials, scientists have turned their attention with increasing urgency toward testing therapies in early-stage patients who have underlying brain pathology but little ...

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