Coronavirus Takes Its Toll on Alzheimer’s Clinical Studies

COMMUNITY NEWS 2020-03-27 Community News The coronavirus pandemic is upending not only life as we knew it, but Alzheimer’s clinical studies as well. In the United States, Europe, and Australia, most sites have put observational cohort studies on hold, and many have stopped dosing ...

‘Reports of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated.’ Signed, Aducanumab

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-10-24 Research News On October 22, Biogen stunned the Alzheimer’s field by announcing that aducanumab —presumed dead last March after failing a futility analysis—appears to have worked in one of its two Phase 3 trials, after all. Based on the results of a new ...

Familial AD Mutations, β-CTF, Spell Trouble for Endosomes

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-08-19 Research News Faltering endosomal trafficking appears to be the common modus operandi by a range of familial Alzheimer’s mutations. In the August 14 Neuron, researchers led by Marc Tessier-Lavigne of Stanford University reported initial findings from a ...

Chris Dobson, Master of Protein Folding Research, Dies at 69

COMMUNITY NEWS 2019-09-17 Community News Researchers are mourning the passing of a giant in the field of protein chemistry. Christopher Dobson succumbed to cancer on September 8, a month shy of his 70th birthday. Dobson, who had worked at the University of Cambridge since 2001, ...

Topline Result for First DIAN-TU Clinical Trial: Negative on Primary

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-02-10 Research News DIAN participants and investigators today are grappling with difficult news. A topline analysis of the first Phase 2/3 clinical trial that the DIAN-TU trials platform mounted for carriers of dominantly inherited Alzheimer’s disease mutations ...

A Central Role for Prion Protein in Neurodegeneration?

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-02-06 Research News Like Aβ oligomers, soluble aggregates of tau and α-synuclein bind to cellular prion protein, poisoning neurons, according to a study published in Acta Neuropathologica. Using a standardized procedure to produce soluble aggregates of these ...

Does a Breached Blood-Brain Barrier Cause Seizures in AD?

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-12-06 Research News In back-to-back papers in the December 4 Science Translational Medicine, scientists led by Daniela Kaufer, University of California, Berkeley, and Alon Friedman, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel, report that age-related ...

Tau: Why Alzheimer’s Worsens Fast in Some, Slowly in Others

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-06-22 Research News Why do some people with AD slide rapidly into severe dementia, while others decline gradually over more than a decade? Part of the answer could come down to which biochemical forms of tau inhabit a person’s brain, suggests a study published ...

Does a Stimulating Childhood Stem Amyloid Plaques in Golden Years?

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-07-02 Research News A childhood rich with intellectual stimulation may help the brain resist the onslaught of Alzheimer’s disease decades later, according to a study published June 29 in JAMA Neurology. Researchers led by David Bennett at Rush University ...

Do World Trade Center Responders Get Early Onset Plaques and Tangles?

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-01-28 Research News Thousands of first responders who cleaned up the wreckage of the World Trade Center site developed long-term health problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder, respiratory diseases, and cancer. Now, emerging evidence suggests their work ...

Plaques, Tangles Throw Off the Brain’s Rhythms

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-03-13 Research News Brain rhythms change their tune in people with Alzheimer’s disease, and they do so to the beat of Aβ and tau, according to a study published in Science Translational Medicine on March 11. Researchers led by Keith Vossel and Srikantan ...

It Bleeds! New Mini-Brains Sport Functioning Blood Vessels

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-10-10 Research News While scientists can grow brain-like organoids in a culture dish, these tiny structures still lack many of the features of the real brain. Crucially, they don’t form a vascular system, which is essential for delivering oxygen to neurons deep ...

Imaging Model Locates Epicenter of Disease, Predicts Atrophy

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-10-18 Research News In neurodegenerative diseases, specific brain regions take the brunt of pathology and atrophy. However, differences from one patient to another make it hard to predict the precise path of progression for any one person. Now, scientists led ...

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