The Mutation You Want: It Protects the Brain, Extends Life

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-05-31 Research News The lucky carriers of a coding variant in the phospholipase Cγ2 (PLCG2) gene may reap even more benefits than previously thought. In the May 27 Acta Neuropathologica, researchers confirm that people with the rs72824905-G allele not only ...

Flash! Beep! Gamma Waves Stimulate Microglia, Memory

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-03-15 Research News New data expands on the benefits of gamma wave therapy previously reported in mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers led by MIT scientist Li-Huei Tsai report that sound can entrain gamma oscillations in both the auditory cortex and ...

Parsing Local and Distal Aβ Shows Links to Metabolism, Cognition

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-06-14 Research News For decades, researchers have wondered why Aβ deposits in the brain correlate poorly with local neural activity and cognition. Perhaps the correlation was not that weak, after all. A study in the June 4 Nature Communications suggests that it ...

Aβ Dimers Block Glutamate Uptake, Fire Up Synapses

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-08-09 Research News Soluble Aβ sends neurons into a hyperactive frenzy, but scientists don’t know why. New evidence suggests that the peptide causes the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate to build up in synapses, making neurons hyperactive. In the August 9 ...

ApoE4 Glia Bungle Lipid Processing, Mess with the Matrisome

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-08-16 Research News ApoE4 predisposes people to Alzheimer’s disease by modulating astrocytes and microglia, suggest researchers led by Julia TCW and Alison Goate at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York. In a preprint on bioRχiv, the researchers ...

Spatial Transcriptomics Uncovers Coordinated Cell Responses to Amyloid

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-08-23 Research News With single-cell resolution, scientists now have a good idea of what amyloid plaques do to nearby cells in the brains of mice. Scientists led by Bart De Strooper, KU Leuven, Belgium, used a combination of spatial transcriptomics and in situ ...

Islands of Tau Coat and Protect Cytoskeleton

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-09-06 Research News Two papers in the September 2 Nature Cell Biology present complementary evidence that tau condenses into a patchwork of rafts that coat microtubules. These patches share some properties with phase-separated liquid droplets of tau that have ...

Are Microglia Plaque Factories?

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-09-04 Research News Are microglia the masterminds of amyloid plaque formation? In the August 21 Nature Communications, researchers led by Kim Green at the University of California, Irvine, suggest these cells seed amyloid deposits. In a mouse model of ...

Brainstem GABAergic Inputs to Hippocampus Control Memory Formation

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-05-29 Research News The brainstem, wedged between the spinal cord and the cortex, collects sensory input and distributes it throughout the brain, where it affects all manner of cognitive processing. For example, input from the brainstem’s locus coeruleus to the ...

Hello Mitochondriomics: Tagging Method Identifies Different Subtypes

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-09-11 Research News Mitochondria may be the universal powerhouses of eukaryotic cells, but there is more to these organelles than just ATP production. According to a paper in the September 9 Nature Neuroscience, mouse mitochondria express distinct subsets of ...

Tiny Brain Structure Plays Big Role in Memory

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-09-13 Research News The humble locus coeruleus, a minute speck of tissue nestled deep in the brain stem, has received relatively scant attention in studies of cognitive decline. Now, data published September 9 in Nature Human Behavior add to a recent spate of ...

Among AD Mutations, Only ApoE4 Seems to Hobble Microglia

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-09-14 Research News New research adds to the evidence that ApoE regulates microglial health and activity. Researchers led by Tarja Malm at the University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio, examined how several Alzheimer’s risk factors affect microglia generated from ...

In Pathology Cascade, Microglia Rev Up After Plaques but Before Tangles

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-02-01 Research News Microgliosis goes hand-in-hand with Alzheimer’s disease, but the exact staging remains murky. A neuropathological study in the January 24 Nature Communications now places one type of microglial activation into the AD pathological cascade. ...

Forget Fibrils: Lewy Pathology Is More Lipid Than Protein

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2019-05-10 Conference Coverage In Parkinson’s disease, abnormal deposits called Lewy bodies and Lewy neurites pop up in neurons and processes, respectively. In 1998, Maria Grazia Spillantini at the University of Cambridge identified α-synuclein as their major ...

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