In Conditional BACE1 Knockouts, Hippocampal Axons Compromised

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-09-21 Research News BACE1 knockout mice have more than their fair share of problems, but is it because they lack the enzyme during development or during adulthood? New conditional knockouts from the lab of Robert Vassar, Northwestern University, Chicago, ...

Do Alzheimer’s Biomarkers Vary by Race?

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-01-11 Research News Most of the research on Alzheimer’s biomarkers to date has been done in predominantly white populations, but a few small studies have hinted at possible racial differences. A paper in the January 7 JAMA Neurology supports this idea. ...

Cancer Treatment Takes Aim at Tauopathy

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-02-05 Research News Three years ago in a high-profile paper, researchers led by Michal Schwartz at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, deployed an immune-boosting approach pioneered for cancer in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease. The ...

Cholesteryl Esters Hobble Proteasomes, Increase p-Tau

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-02-07 Research News A cholesterol metabolite boosts accumulation of phosphorylated tau, according to a paper in the January 16 Cell Stem Cell. Researchers led by Lawrence Goldstein at the University of California, San Diego, reported that cholesteryl esters ...

Is a Woman’s Brain More Susceptible to Tau Pathology?

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-02-08 Research News Some studies of cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers suggest that women accumulate more tau pathology early in Alzheimer’s disease than do men. In the February 4 JAMA Neurology, researchers led by Rachel Buckley and Reisa Sperling at Massachusetts ...

Immune Cells Clog Capillaries in Mice, Disrupt Memory

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-02-15 Research News One of the characteristic features of Alzheimer’s disease is reduced blood flow in the brain. What brings it down? A paper in the February 11 Nature Neuroscience suggests that white blood cells can clog up the works. Scientists led by Chris ...

Does High Iron Push a Person With Pathology Into Dementia?

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-03-08 Research News Iron is an essential nutrient, but like any good thing, too much of it may do harm. According to an autopsy study published February 18 in Molecular Psychiatry, people who had had dementia and moderate to high burdens of plaques and tangles ...

Deep Blue for Aβ Blood Test?

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-03-13 Research News In the March 11 Scientific Reports, researchers led by Noel Faux at IBM Research Australia in Southbank propose yet another blood test for Alzheimer’s disease, this one based on simple immunoassays. The scientists used machine learning to ...

Unequal: Some Tau Haplotypes Carry More Risk Than Others

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-03-22 Research News Scientists have known for years that the common H1 haplotype of the tau gene MAPT somehow raises a person’s risk of the rare neurodegenerative disorder progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP). It does so by more than fivefold, similar to what ...

Results from Verubecestat APECS Trial Published

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-04-11 Research News Results were published today from the APECS trial, a Phase 3 study of the BACE1 inhibitor verubecestat. In the April 11 New England Journal of Medicine, researchers led by Michael Egan, Merck, Kenilworth, New Jersey, reported that dementia ...

Plasma NfL Goes the Distance in Alzheimer’s

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-05-02 Research News Damaged axons spill their guts, and the debris eventually makes its way into the bloodstream. Now, scientists tracking one such neuron-derived protein are moving closer to a blood test for neurodegeneration in Alzheimer’s disease. In a ...

Plasticity Hums With Protein Synthesis on Both Sides of Synapse

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-05-17 Research News Scientists know that synaptic plasticity requires local protein production from translation of mRNAs in postsynaptic dendrites. However, local synthesis had not been clearly demonstrated on the other, presynaptic side in mature axons. A new ...

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