Nilvadipine Fails to Slow Cognitive Decline in AD Patients

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-09-28 Research News A putative amyloid-lowering agent, the blood pressure drug nilvadipine has proven ineffective in people with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease in a Phase 3 trial. In the September 24 PLoS Medicine, researchers led by Brian Lawlor at St. ...

Could Rogue APP Variants Invade Genome of Individual Neurons?

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-11-21 Research News Multiple copies of the amyloid precursor gene crop up in adult neurons of the human brain, creating a heterogeneous neuronal landscape in a single person. This is especially true in brains from people with sporadic Alzheimer’s disease, but ...

First In Vivo Look at Amyloidosis Sparked by Dural Grafts

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-01-16 Research News Evidence for the transmission of Aβ seeds between people keeps accumulating. In the December 31 Annals of Neurology, researchers led by David Werring at University College London describe the cases of three adults with early onset cerebral ...

Could the Purported Muscle Exercise Hormone, Irisin, Jog Memory?

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-01-16 Research News Physical activity may improve cognition, and a paper in the January 8 Nature Medicine makes the case that a peptide shed from muscles during exercise might be responsible. Researchers led by Fernanda De Felice of Federal University of Rio De ...

Clotting Protein from Blood Incites Microglia, and Synapses Die

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-02-08 Research News A damaged and leaky blood-brain barrier contributes to dementia, but just how has not been clear. Previous work implicated the clotting protein fibrinogen, which, when it penetrates the brain and coagulates, activates microglia and leads to ...

In Small Trial, EH301 Appears to Halt Progression of ALS

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-02-18 Research News Could a dietary supplement marketed directly to consumers moonlight as an effective treatment for ALS? It is within the realm of possibility, according to the results of a small Phase 1 pilot study testing EH301 in people with the disease. ...

Roche Pulls Plug on Two Phase 3 Trials of Crenezumab

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-01-31 Research News Yesterday, Roche announced a halt to the Phase 3 CREAD 1 and CREAD 2  trials of the anti-amyloid antibody crenezumab. According to a company press release, an interim analysis found the trial was unlikely to reach its primary endpoint of ...

Do Tribes of Astrocytes Wage War on Synapses?

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-04-05 Research News As researchers are becoming wise to microglial diversity, they may also want to keep their eyes out for varied populations of the true glia of the brain. In the April 1 Nature Neuroscience, Jeffrey Rothstein’s group at Johns Hopkins ...

Could Disposing of Damaged Mitochondria Treat Alzheimer’s Disease?

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-02-15 Research News Malfunctioning mitochondria accumulate in the Alzheimer’s disease brain. Could they be purged? In the February 11 Nature Neuroscience, researchers led by Vilhelm Bohr at the National Institute on Aging, Baltimore, argue that these defective ...

ARIAS: Zooming in On Eye-based Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2019-04-30 Conference Coverage Have biomarkers for preclinical Alzheimer’s disease been staring us in the face all along, and we just did not see them? Recent studies report a plethora of changes in the eye as Aβ pathology emerges in the brain. Dwindling retinal ...

AbbVie’s Tau Antibody Flops in Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-07-26 Research News According to an industry report today, AbbVie has called a halt to the Phase 2 trial of its anti-tau antibody ABBV-8E12 for progressive supranuclear palsy after it failed a futility analysis. AbbVie announced the termination during a ...

An Antimicrobial Approach to Treating Alzheimer’s?

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-01-28 Research News Do periodontal bacteria cause some cases of Alzheimer’s disease? Scientists at one start-up think so, and their investors are putting their money where their mouths are, moving forward with clinical development of a bacterial protease ...

Across Time and Space: Machine Learning Reveals Paths to Dementia

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-10-19 Research News Researchers face a challenge in understanding the brain changes during the long course of Alzheimer’s disease. It’s not possible to track neurodegeneration continuously in individual people for up to 30 years, so instead scientists collect ...

Crystal Structure of Aβ and Proposed Receptor Solved

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-10-16 Research News The LilrB2 receptor on the surface of neurons binds Aβ and is thought to mediate some of its toxicity. Researchers led by Lin Jiang and David Eisenberg at the University of California, Los Angeles, now detail the part of Aβ involved, and the ...

Exercise Linked to Less Pathology, Better Function in Familial AD

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-09-27 Research News People with autosomal-dominant mutations in APP or presenilin genes develop early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Could a healthy lifestyle mitigate this genetic misfortune? A new study indicates that it may. A cross-sectional study of ...

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