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Study Strengthens Link between Hepatitis C Virus, Parkinson’s

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-06-13 Research News Epidemiology has tied infection with hepatitis C to an increased risk for Parkinson’s disease. But what happens when the infection is treated? By surveying medical records of nearly 200,000 patients, researchers led by Ying-Zu Huang and Rou ...

Dead Microglia Pave the Way for Myelin Regeneration

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-06-12 Research News In brain disease, microglia can be villains or heroes. How to encourage the latter? In the June 10 Nature Neuroscience, researchers led by Veronique Miron at the University of Edinburgh tried by killing off the troublemakers. In a mouse ...

Two Proteins in Young Blood Give Synapses a SPARC

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-06-11 Research News Human neurons sprouted more synapses and fired off more action potentials when bathed in serum from young, but not old, mice, according to a study published June 3 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Kathlyn Gan and Thomas ...

Reproducible Brain Organoids Could Offer New Models for Research

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-06-06 Research News Brain organoids, those tiny balls of cells grown in a dish to model the human brain, are plagued by a major problem—they are each unique. That may be about to change. Scientists led by Paola Arlotta, Harvard University, Cambridge, ...

Mutant Tau Messes Up Connectivity of Newborn Neurons

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-06-05 Research News Few studies have examined what happens to adult-born neurons in frontotemporal dementia. In the May 27 Journal of Neuroscience, researchers led by María Llorens-Martín at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid report that in a mouse model of the ...

The Mutation You Want: It Protects the Brain, Extends Life

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-05-31 Research News The lucky carriers of a coding variant in the phospholipase Cγ2 (PLCG2) gene may reap even more benefits than previously thought. In the May 27 Acta Neuropathologica, researchers confirm that people with the rs72824905-G allele not only ...

Anti-Tau Antibody Looks Safe, Hits Target

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-05-31 Research News As anti-tau antibodies move through clinical trials, Biogen researchers led by Tien Dam publish results from the Phase 1b trial of their antibody BIIB092 in the June Lancet Neurology. This antibody recognizes N-terminal fragments of tau, ...

Is APOB a Risk Gene for Early Onset Alzheimer’s?

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-05-30 Research News Known gene mutations explain but a fraction of early onset Alzheimer’s disease. A majority of people who become symptomatic before age 65 have neither an autosomal-dominant inheritance pattern nor mutation. So what is causing their dementia? ...

Microglia Instigate ‘Chemofog’ by Squelching Myelination

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-05-29 Research News We can now add myelination to the list of critical functions put on hold by cantankerous microglia. A paper published May 10 in Neuron reported that in mice treated with the widely used chemotherapy drug methotrexate, microglia became ...

Brainstem GABAergic Inputs to Hippocampus Control Memory Formation

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-05-29 Research News The brainstem, wedged between the spinal cord and the cortex, collects sensory input and distributes it throughout the brain, where it affects all manner of cognitive processing. For example, input from the brainstem’s locus coeruleus to the ...

When Host Proteins Coat Virus, Amyloid Fibrils Form

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-05-29 Research News When a virus enters a biological fluid of a host—blood, lung, or cerebrospinal fluid—it becomes ensheathed by a unique set of proteins from its new environment. The proteins that make up the sheath differ depending on the fluid and on the ...

Brain Conference Spotlights Transcriptomics, Therapeutic Strategies

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2019-05-24 Conference Coverage About 140 scientists gathered in Rungstedgaard, north of Copenhagen, Denmark, May 5–9 for the biannual Brain Conference organized by the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies and the Lundbeck Foundation. Co-chaired by Beth ...

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