Nixing TMEM106b Fans the Flames of Progranulin Deficiency

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-09-25 Research News For carriers of a pathogenic mutation in the progranulin gene, variants in another gene—TMEM106b—strongly influence when, and even if, they will develop frontotemporal dementia. A trio of recent papers, published in August and September in ...

Protective AD Variant Pinpoints Sweet Spot for Microglial Activation

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-09-24 Research News Microglia can help or hinder in Alzheimer’s disease. A protective variant of the microglial gene phospholipase C-γ2 (PLCG2) may shed light on what makes the difference. In the September 11 Molecular Neurodegeneration, researchers led by ...

Could Contaminated Scalpels Seed Amyloidosis?

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-09-18 Research News Under rare circumstances, Aβ seeds can be transferred to people during medical procedures. Researchers have turned up a few cases of tissue transplants or hormones from cadavers triggering amyloidosis in the brains or blood vessels of ...

In Preclinical Alzheimer’s, Learning Falters Before Memory

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-09-18 Research News As Aβ accumulates in a person’s brain during the long preclinical stage of Alzheimer’s disease, deficits in learning emerge prior to impairments in episodic memory, according to a study published in Neurology on September 4. Cognitively ...

Mutation in the Parkinson’s Gene DJ-1 Derails Splicing

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-09-12 Research News Pathogenic mutations within coding regions almost always change protein function. For a missense mutation in the DJ-1 gene that causes Parkinson’s disease, an entirely different mechanism may be at play. According to a study led by led by ...

Micro Nudge? Positive Phase 2 Results for ALS Combination Drug

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-09-11 Research News A combination drug that targets cellular stress nudged, ever so slightly, progression of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in a Phase 2 trial. Researchers led by Sabrina Paganoni at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, reported the findings ...

In ALS and FTD, Two Different Routes to TDP-43 Aggregation

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-09-09 Research News Different genetic mutations can converge on the same downstream pathology. The C9ORF72 repeat expansion and progranulin haploinsufficiency both trigger the RNA-binding protein TDP-43 to abandon the nucleus and settle in cytoplasm. TDP-43 ...

CPTX—A Synaptic “Glue” Restores Memory in Alzheimer’s Model

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-09-04 Research News Neurexin proteins lie in the presynapse and pentraxins in the post, and never the twain shall meet. But what if they did? By designing a small protein that binds to both, researchers in Japan, Germany, and the U.K., have created an ...

IFITM3 Forges Link Between Neuroinflammation and Aβ Production

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-09-03 Research News Neuroinflammation and Aβ deposition are two hallmarks of AD, and now, a study published September 3 in Nature is forging an alluring mechanistic link between them. Researchers led by Yueming Li at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in ...

Global Genetics Symposium Starts Today

COMMUNITY NEWS 2020-09-01 Community News Trying out a new conference format in this pandemic era, the Alzheimer’s Disease Genetics Global Symposium starts September 1 and will run on demand through much of the month. For three weeks, registrants can view presentations as they ...

First Primate Model of Familial AD: Marmosets with Presenilin Mutation

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-08-29 Research News Mice fail to model many aspects of Alzheimer’s disease. Could monkeys capture the disease more fully? In a preprint posted to bioRXiv on August 24, researchers led by Takaomi Saido, RIKEN Center for Brain Science, Wako, and Erika Sasaki, ...

Molecular Structure of LRRK2 Gives Clues to Parkinson’s

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-08-28 Research News For the first time, researchers have solved the molecular structure of LRRK2, a major risk factor for Parkinson’s and autoimmune diseases. Structural biologists at the University of California, San Diego, used innovative methods to provide ...

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