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Sixth Int. Conference on AD: Pathology I

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 1998-07-20 Conference Coverage Three abstracts presented during this session, as well as those by Vincent et al. (Abstract 594) and Arendt et al. (Abstract 595), indicate that cell cycle and mitotic mechanisms may be a key factor in the understanding of tau ...

Sixth Int. Conference on AD: Mahley Plenary Lecture

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 1998-07-19 Conference Coverage B. Mahley (Abstract 303) reported new data on transgenic mice that could help elucidate the role of ApoE isoforms in neurodegeneration. He began his lecture with an overview of the structure and function of apolipoprotein E (ApoE), a ...

Sixth Int. Conference on AD: Cellular/Animal Models I

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 1998-07-18 Conference Coverage Soto (Abstract 295) presented data documenting the ability of their 11 and 5 amino-acid inhibitors to inhibit initial Aβ peptide aggregation and its ability to dissociate already formed Aβ fibrils in vitro. In addition to the assays ...

Sixth Int. Conference on AD: Monkey Brain Injections

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 1998-07-18 Conference Coverage Bruce Yankner took time out from his talk on Down's syndrome (Abstract 7) to discuss his recent injection studies in young versus aged rhesus monkeys, published in the July issue of Nature Medicine. His key findings were that ...

Sixth Int. Conference on AD: Genetics I

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 1998-07-18 Conference Coverage This session was disappointing, offering nothing really new. What new data were presented appear to be very controversial. Farrer et al. (Abstract 280) tried to confirm the linkage described by Duke University, North Carolina. They ...

Progress in Anti-inflammatory Drugs for Alzheimer's

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-05-20 Research News The brains of Alzheimer's disease victims are peppered with neuritic plaques-microscopic, spherical structures containing, among other things, deposits of β amyloid peptide, dead and dying neurons and evidence of inflammation. The ...

A Role for a Synuclein Protein

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-05-18 Research News Synucleins are small cytoplasmic proteins that are found in synaptic terminals. They are present in senile plaques and Lewy bodies (features of Alzheimer's disease and familial Parkinson's disease). Synucleins also bind amyloid ...

Success with Artificial Chromosomes

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-05-01 Research News (From Nature Biotechnology press release.) Each cell in our bodies contains 46 chromosomes. But one day far in the future, doctors may give us an extra miniature chromosome containing therapeutic genes to treat disease. Researchers are ...

Transgenic Mouse Mill

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-04-09 Research News Breeding “knockout” mice is a prized tool for evaluating the function of genes, but it is a ponderous and costly tool, consuming many months and thousands of dollars to create each new knockout strain. But that could soon change. In today’s ...

New Parkinson’s Gene

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-04-09 Research News A gene on the long arm of chromosome 6 has been linked to an inherited form of Parkinson’s disease, called autosomal recessive juvenile parkinsonism (AR-JP). The research team of Nobuyoshi Shimizu and colleagues at Keio University School of ...

New Alzheimer's Journal

COMMUNITY NEWS 1998-02-23 Community News Scientists often complain that scientific journals take too long to review manuscripts, and that subscription prices are unaffordable. A new journal devoted to Alzheimer's disease research, Alzheimer's Reports, aims to carve out a ...

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