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Estrogen Reduces Parkinson's Risk

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-10-13 Research News Estrogen has been shown in recent years to be a possible protective factor in Alzheimer disease, and now new studies suggest it may also protect against the risk of Parkinson's disease. Preliminary data from four studies were presented ...

APP Enhances Mouse Memory

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-10-13 Research News Secreted forms of amyloid precursor protein (APP) may play an important role in the formation and consolidation of memory, according to a study published in today's proceedings of the National Academy of Science. Researchers from the ...

Neurological Disease Institute Launched at UCSF

COMMUNITY NEWS 1998-09-24 Community News A research center focusing on advancing scientific understanding of brain disorders such as Alzheimer's disease, HIV dementia and stroke, was inaugurated earlier this month at UCSF. The new Gladstone Institute of Neurological Disease, ...

Nature Online

COMMUNITY NEWS 1998-09-24 Community News The British science journal Nature announced that it is becoming a "full-fledged" electronic journal beginning with this week's issue. It joins, somewhat belatedly, the other major journals such as Science, Cell and the ...

Casting Doubt on Role of Oxidative Damage in ALS

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-09-17 Research News Mutations in the enzyme for superoxide dismutase (SOD1) have been linked to 15 to 20 percent of cases of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), leading to a theory that the disease results when the defective enzyme allows super oxide radicals ...

PAK-3 Implicated in Mental Retardation

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-09-12 Research News A mutation in the gene for PAK-3, a molecule that is thought to play a variety of roles in the nervous system, has been implicated in a form of X-chromosome-linked mental retardation affecting one in 100 males. People who have the mutation ...

CPG15: An Activity-dependent Neuronal Growth Promoter

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-09-11 Research News Neuronal growth and synapse formation is regulated by a combination of activity-independent and activity-dependent mechanisms. In today's Science, E. Nedivi et al. describe CPG15, a molecule that enhances dendritic arbor growth in ...

Mitochondria Key to Glutamate Toxicity

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-09-10 Research News Glutamate is a neurotransmitter that is toxic when too much of it is released by excessive neuronal activity or by brain injury. Some researchers have also proposed that glutamate toxicity drives the neurodegeneration seen in Alzheimer' ...

How NF-κB Derails Apoptosis

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-09-10 Research News A study published in tomorrow's Science provides new details of how the transcription factor NF-κB protects cells from apoptosis. C.-Y. Wang and colleagues report they have identified four genes that are targets of NF-κB activity. The ...

Dopamine Transporter Imaging

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-09-06 Research News A novel brain-imaging agent that binds selectively to dopamine transporter molecules promises to open up a window on the functioning of the brain's dopamine system. Dopamine is one of the brain's major neurotransmitters, and is ...

Potential NGF Drug-Delivery System

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-09-05 Research News Puny polymer pellets show promise as a vehicle for delivering nerve-growth factor (NGF) to the basal forebrain, where the substance could rescue or even regenerate neurons damaged by Alzheimer's disease. For some years, the idea of ...

Gene Locus Found for Schizophrenia Risk

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-09-03 Research News A 15-year study involving more than 100 families and 1,000 individuals has provided the first strong evidence of genetic susceptiblity to schizophrenia, within a stretch of chormosome 13. According to the international team, led by Ann ...

Yin and Yang of Nerve Cell Growth

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-09-03 Research News The growing tips, or growth cones, of neurons are confronted with a chemical cacophany of growth-guiding cues. How do they know which ones to heed? In an article appearing in Science (4 September issue), H.-J. Song and colleagues report that ...

Epilepsy Drugs Effective for Agitation in AD

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-09-02 Research News For many families caring for an Alzheimer's patient, it is not the memory impairment per se that drives them to place their loved one in a nursing home, so much as the agitation, aggression and even violence that demented patients ...

Stress Hormones Impair Recollection

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-08-20 Research News Stress and glucocorticoids (hormones produced in response to stress) are known to impair the acquisition and storage of new information. But stress also hinders the ability to recall memories, according to a study published by Benno ...

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