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1998 Society for Neuroscience Meeting: Lesion Lops Aβ Deposition

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 1998-11-11 Conference Coverage The Athena Neuroscience PDAPP transgenic mice develop heavy Aβ deposits, particularly in the outer molecular layer (OML) of the dentate gyrus, a region that receives nerve projections from the entorhinal cortex. Theorizing that ...

1998 Society for Neuroscience Meeting: Untangling Tau Phosphorylation

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 1998-11-10 Conference Coverage Aβ peptide has dominated center stage in AD research, but the discovery last year of a tau mutation that causes a familial non-AD dementia has reawakened broader interest in tau. In Alzheimer’s disease, tau aggregates into pathological ...

1998 Society for Neuroscience Meeting: α2-Macroglobulin

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 1998-11-07 Conference Coverage Presented by Rudy Tanzi. AD is now widely considered to be a multifactorial disease with only a few dominant genetic mutations that can be considered as directly causing the disease, i.e., APP and the presenilins. The majority of ...

New Path for Aspirin

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-11-05 Research News It is known that aspirin and sodium salicylate suppress inflammation by inhibiting cyclooxygenase, an enzyme that triggers production of prostaglandin. It has been suspected that these compounds also exert their anti-inflammatory effects ...

Humans Sprout New Neurons

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-10-30 Research News It has long been a dogma of neuroscience that the human brain is born with all the neurons it will ever have, and that those neurons must endure for a lifetime. But evidence has been accumulating that this dogma may not strictly be true. ...

Stem Cells Take a Leap Forward

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-10-30 Research News The idea of treating developmental and neurodegenerative disorders by growing new brain cells has taken a major step forward, according to results of two studies appearing in the November issue of Nature Biotechnology. Evan Snyder and ...

Neuronal Loss in Mouse Model?

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-10-22 Research News Can transgenic mice serve as a truly useful model for studying Alzheimer's disease? Studies of mice expressing an APP gene mutation that causes a form of familial AD have reported no neuronal loss, despite the presence of amyloid ...

Mutant PS1 Destabilizes β-Catenin

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-10-15 Research News Since the discovery that mutations in the gene for PS1 cause familial Alzheimer's disease, there has been keen interest in investigating the mechanism by which PS1 mutations cause disease. It has been shown that PS1 associates with ...

Soccer Bad for Brain

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-10-14 Research News A study published in last month's Neurology reports that professional soccer players are at significantly higher risk for long-term brain injuries that affect their mental function. These brain injuries result from either heading the ...

Eat That Spinach!

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-10-14 Research News A diet rich in certain fruits and vegetables is known to protect against cancer and heart disease, and now a new animal study in the October Journal of Neuroscience suggests nutrition can also stall the decline of brain function that comes ...

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