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Early Transcriptional Changes in a Trinucleotide Repeat Disorder

RESEARCH NEWS 2000-01-24 Research News Some of the earliest cellular changes of the trinucleotide repeat disorder spinocerebellar ataxia type 1 (SCA1) appear only one day after the mutant gene that causes the disorder begins to be expressed. In a report in the February issue of ...

Latest Techniques in Targeting Alzheimer's

RESEARCH NEWS 2000-01-21 Research News A transcript of Bio Online's panel discussion on January 12 is now available at James W. Geddes moderated the discussion with Mark E. Gurney, Ole Isacson, Jeffrey ...

Why Is an Enterovirus Hiding out in ALS Spinal Cords?

RESEARCH NEWS 2000-01-11 Research News As with many neurodegenerative diseases, viruses have waxed and waned in popularity as possible causative agents in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, known as Lou Gehrig's disease in the U.S.). A study in this month's issue of ...

NGF Gene Therapy Trial Begins

RESEARCH NEWS 1999-12-21 Research News The green light has been given for Mark Tuszynski and his colleagues from the University of California, San Diego, the Salk Institute, and UC Davis to start a Phase I (safety) trial of nerve growth factor (NGF) gene therapy for early onset ...

CREB Is Linked to Cell Survival

RESEARCH NEWS 1999-12-17 Research News Today's issue of Science brings evidence that CREB (cAMP response element binding protein)-of interest to the Alzheimer's community because of its role in long-term memory and in cell death-is an essential element in the cell ...

Aβ Primes an Inflammatory Pump

RESEARCH NEWS 1999-12-17 Research News A paper in today's Science offers a candidate pathway for inflammatory processes in Alzheimer's disease; the pathway uses the CD40 receptor on microglia and is upregulated by Aβ. Michael Mullan, Jun Tan, and colleagues at the ...

Toward a Unified Prion Theory

RESEARCH NEWS 1999-12-16 Research News The case against the prion appears to solidifying. A report in today's Nature shows that prion forms found in apparently anomalous prion diseases-those that do not feature the abnormally folded prion protein (PrP[Sc])-are likely to ...

Depression Symptoms May Reflect Alzheimer's Pathology

RESEARCH NEWS 1999-12-07 Research News A study in this month's Neurology suggests that depression symptoms seen in early Alzheimer's are related to AD pathology, rather than being a response to memory loss and other Alzheimer's symptoms, or a risk factor that ...

Stem Cells Restore Some Spinal Cord Function

RESEARCH NEWS 1999-12-03 Research News In the political arena, there is almost daily rhetoric about the use of fetal and embryonic tissue in research. Meanwhile, in the laboratory, researchers continue to produce results certain to keep those issues on the front burner. A ...

Gathering at the β-Secretase Corral

RESEARCH NEWS 1999-12-02 Research News The October report in Science by Vassar and colleagues idetifying β-secretase, (see below) has now been followed up by three more reports this month identifying the BACE enzyme (or ASP2, as it has been termed by two of the groups)-one in the ...

More Than One Path to Nitric Oxide Damage

RESEARCH NEWS 1999-12-01 Research News A report in this month's Nature Medicine adds detail, and complexity, to the role of nitric oxide in the neurodegeneration of Parkinson's disease. Serge Przedborski, Gabriel Liberatore, and their collaborators at Columbia, Johns ...

Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, Miami: Tau Update

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 1999-11-29 Conference Coverage Toward a neurofibrillary degeneration animal model, Michael Vitek's group (317.1) reported on their tau knockouts. Homozygous mice demonstrated the lack of tau at both mRNA and protein levels. Embryos (-/-) were smaller than wt ...

Fetal Cell Transplants Do Work in Parkinson's

RESEARCH NEWS 1999-11-22 Research News Ten years after a fetal cell transplant, a Parkinson's patient's graft is still delivering dopamine to postsynaptic cells, according to a study appearing in the December issue of Nature Neuroscience. This unprecedented in vivo ...

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