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Aβ Induces Neuronal Death via the Fas Apoptosis Pathway

RESEARCH NEWS 2001-10-01 Research News The deposition of Aβ has long been implicated in the cellular damage and subsequent cognitive dysfunction of Alzheimer's disease, but the mechanism for this remains unclear. Recently, evidence has accumulated linking Aβ to neuronal ...

The Biology of α-Synuclein and Lewy Body Disease Workshop Meeting

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2001-09-27 Conference Coverage Updated 27 September 2001. The Biology of α-Synuclein and Lewy body Disease Workshop Meeting Cosponsored by NIA and NINDS, Bethesda, Maryland, July 16-17, 2001. Meeting organizers: Tony Phelps (NIA) and Dianne Murphy (NINDS) Chair: ...

Mini-Microscope Peers into Brains of Awake, Moving Rats

RESEARCH NEWS 2001-09-26 Research News In a feat of miniaturization, researchers have engineered a fluorescence microscope that is three inches long, weighs less than an ounce, and sits perched on a rat's head. Fritjof Helmchen, Winfried Denk, and colleagues at Bell ...

Mouse Presenilin-1 Knockouts Have Lowered Levels of Aβ Peptides

RESEARCH NEWS 2001-09-24 Research News Mutations in the presenilin 1 gene (PS1) are responsible for most cases of early onset familial Alzheimer's disease (FAD). These mutations are accompanied by an increase in β-amyloid peptides, in particular Aβ42. In cell culture, PS1 ...

Big Booster Shot for Alzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study

COMMUNITY NEWS 2001-09-24 Community News The National Institute of Aging has awarded $54M over five years, one of its largest-ever grants, to the Alzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study (ADCS). Directed by Leon Thal at the University of California, San Diego, this consortium of ...

Decision-making Ability Found to Decline in Presymptomatic AD

RESEARCH NEWS 2001-09-20 Research News Investigators working to detect subtle changes in cognitive ability form part of the ongoing effort to develop ways of identifying people who will go on to develop AD in the future. In the September Archives of General Psychiatry, ...

Astrocytes Identified as Hippocampal Stem Cells

RESEARCH NEWS 2001-09-14 Research News Astrocytes are the stem cells that generate new neurons in the mammalian hippocampus, according to a report in the September 15 Journal of Neuroscience. This result appears to match results from the subventricular zone (SVZ) bordering the ...

Better Than Tea Leaves: Reading Who Will Get AD in Entorhinal Cortex

RESEARCH NEWS 2001-09-11 Research News One of the most pressing needs in Alzheimer's research today is the ability to identify, among normal elderly people, those who will likely go on to develop AD. A paper published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of ...

"Arctic" APP Mutation Supports Protofibril Role

RESEARCH NEWS 2001-08-26 Research News The dominant theory of Alzheimer's disease is that insoluble aggregates of amyloid-β (Aβ) are the neurotoxic entity that causes neuronal dysfunction and cell death. Proponents of this theory argue that the genetic evidence provides very ...

Inflammation and Alzheimer's: The Debate Continues

RESEARCH NEWS 2001-08-25 Research News Two apparently contradictory reports in the August 11 Lancet have injected new fuel into the debate about the role of inflammation in Alzheimer's disease. In the first study, Willem Van Gool at the Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, ...

Finally United? Aβ Found to Influence Tangle Formation

RESEARCH NEWS 2001-08-23 Research News Two papers in tomorrow's Science provide long-awaited evidence for the notion that the two pathological hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease are interconnected. Using different approaches, teams led by Mike Hutton at the Mayo Clinic in ...

A Kinder, Gentler Alzheimer's Vaccine?

RESEARCH NEWS 2001-08-17 Research News Thomas Wisniewski, Einar Sigurdsson, and colleagues at New York University report that they have prevented amyloid-β deposition by immunizing a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease with a nontoxic Aβ homologue. These results, they suggest ...

Pluripotent Stem Cells from Adult Mammalian CNS...

RESEARCH NEWS 2001-08-16 Research News In the August 16 Nature, scientists in the laboratory of Perry Bartlett, at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Victoria, Australia, report the successful isolation of multipotent stem cells from adult mice. The ...

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