Huntingtin Regulates BDNF

RESEARCH NEWS 2001-06-15 Research News The gene mutation that causes Huntington's disease has been known for many years, yet the function of the encoded protein, huntingtin, and the pathogenic mechanism of the mutant protein, have remained frustratingly elusive. Various ...

In Fly Model of Tauopathy, Neurons Degenerate Without Tangles

RESEARCH NEWS 2001-06-14 Research News Harvard researchers have expressed the wildtype and mutant forms of human tau protein in Drosophila, creating a new model for one aspect of Alzheimer’s disease pathology as well as for tauopathies. In tomorrow’s Science, Mel Feany and ...

New Prion Detection Method

RESEARCH NEWS 2001-06-14 Research News Abnormal forms of the prion protein are thought to be the infective agent responsible for bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE, or "mad cow disease") and its human form, variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD). The pathogenic ...

New Gene Suspect for ALS

RESEARCH NEWS 2001-05-30 Research News Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS; also known as Lou Gehrig's disease) is the most common motor neuron disease in humans, affecting one in 1,000. It results in a progressive loss of motor neuron function, leading to paralysis and death ...

Protein Aggregates Block Disposal Mechanism

RESEARCH NEWS 2001-05-25 Research News Aggregates of proteins are a common feature in many neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Huntington's, fronto-temporal dementia and ALS. Their role in contributing to these diseases remains unclear. ...

Neprilysin Role in Amyloid Clearance

RESEARCH NEWS 2001-05-25 Research News While much Alzheimer's research has focused on mechanisms that result in the formation of amyloid plaques, a growing body of evidence indicates that processes that break down Aβ are just as important, and may offer novel targets for ...

The Switch That Turns on Neural Stem Cell Differentiation?

RESEARCH NEWS 2001-05-24 Research News A study in the June issue of Nature Neuroscience points a finger at proteins of the Shc family as the critical link in signaling neural stem cells to either remain in their pluripotent form or differentiate into mature neurons. Italian ...

Immunological and Neuromuscular Synapses Share Ingredient

RESEARCH NEWS 2001-05-18 Research News The aggregating protein called agrin is a component of two quite different types of synapses: synapses in the neuromuscular junction and the immunological synapse between T cells and antigen-presenting cells. In both systems, membrane ...

D'Adamio Is This Year's Alzheimer Award Winner

RESEARCH NEWS 2001-05-18 Research News The Journal of Alzheimer's Disease has awarded the 2001 Alzheimer Medal to Luciano D'Adamio for his article, "Generation of an apoptotic intracellular peptide by γ-secretase cleavage of Alzheimer's amyloid-β protein ...

Molecules for Remote Memories

RESEARCH NEWS 2001-05-17 Research News (From Nature press release.) Permanent memories are thought to be stored in the cortex, but little is known about the processes that incorporate memories into cortical networks. Now [in today's Nature] Alcino J. Silva of the University ...

Mismatch Between Gene and Protein Sequence Data

RESEARCH NEWS 2001-05-17 Research News (From Nature press release.) The path from identifying a genome sequence to pinpointing the contribution of each gene is beset with pitfalls. In a Brief Communication [in today's Nature], researchers describe discrepancies between what ...

Ultimate Stem Cell in Adult Bone Marrow?

RESEARCH NEWS 2001-05-08 Research News Stem cells from the bone marrow of adults may be as flexible as embryonic stem cells, according a study in the current issue of Cell. Researchers at Yale, New York University, and Johns Hopkins found that these cells, which continuously ...

Unraveling Metabolic Pathways

RESEARCH NEWS 2001-05-03 Research News (From Science press release) In a prime example of what science can accomplish in the "post-genomic" era, researchers have pieced together the functions of a variety of genes involved in a yeast metabolism pathway. If an organism& ...

More on a Glial Role in Neuronal Signalling

RESEARCH NEWS 2001-05-03 Research News Two reports in tomorrow's Science add to a growing body of evidence that glial cells play more than a "housekeeping" role and are essential for neuronal signalling (see also 26 January news). M. Iino and colleagues report that ...

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