Soc for Neuroscience Ann Mtg: One γ-Secretase, Two Different Activities?

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 1999-10-24 Conference Coverage Using difluoroketone peptidomimetics previously shown to reversibly inhibit γ-secretase activity in CHO cells, Michael Wolfe reported that increasing the bulkiness of the P1 substituent of these compounds increased their potency, thus, ...

Soc for Neuroscience Ann Mtg: APP and Intracellular Aβ Balance Critical

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 1999-10-24 Conference Coverage Recent studies have demonstrated that wild-type APP can protect against p53 mediated apoptosis, whereas FAD mutant APP (FADAPP) cannot. N3 rat neuroblastoma cells which are deficient in APP were transfected with wtAPP or FADAPP and ...

Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting: α1-Antichymotrypsin

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 1999-10-24 Conference Coverage Yamin (122.9) presented evidence that the zinc metalloproteinase EC (E24.15) plays a role in neuronal mediated degradation of Aβ. In fact transfection of neuroblastoma cells with antisense E24.15 allows the accumulation of Aβ ...

Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting: Making the Right Mouse Model?

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 1999-10-24 Conference Coverage Several groups have reported a lack of phenotype in α-synuclein (α-S) transgenic mice, but it appears Lennart Mucke (122.10) has got it right. Mucke reported that inclusion bodies were obvious in PDGF promoter-driven α-S Tg mice as ...

Soc for Neuroscience Ann Mtg: Novel Assay for in Vivo Catabolism of Aβ

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 1999-10-24 Conference Coverage The N- and C-terminals of synthetic Aβ1-42 were differentially labeled with 3H and 14C and then used as a probe to measure degradation by injection into rat hippocampus. Effects of various protease inhibitors and two dimensional HPLC ...

Fibrillar Proteins in Familial British Dementia

RESEARCH NEWS 1999-10-22 Research News It is likely that a process very reminiscent of that suggested for Aβ formation-fibrillar protein deposition-is to blame for the rare, inherited disorder Familial British Dementia (FBD), according to a report in the most recent Nature ...


RESEARCH NEWS 1999-10-21 Research News According to a report in tomorrow's Science, researchers have uncovered a strong candidate for β-secretase, the mystery enzyme that cleaves APP and allows Aβ to be formed in subsequent cleavages. Martin Cintron, Robert Vassar, Brian ...

Toxic Protofibrillar Aβ

RESEARCH NEWS 1999-10-15 Research News From today's Journal of Neuroscience comes evidence that intermediate Aβ species could be damaging neurons. Dean Hartley, Dennis Selkoe, and their colleagues report that so-called "protofibrillar" Aβ (oligomers intermediate ...

The APPsw Mouse Links ApoE to Damaged Neurons

RESEARCH NEWS 1999-10-12 Research News Further evidence that ApoE is needed for deposition of the fibrillar form of Aβ in plaques was presented today at the American Neurological Association's annual meeting in Seattle today. David Holtzman and his colleagues at Washington ...

Familial Dementia Linked to Neuroserpin Aggregation

RESEARCH NEWS 1999-09-22 Research News Protein misprocessing and aggregation have been observed in many neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s, spongiform encephalopathies, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s and FTDP-17, but it has been difficult to untangle the causal ...

Can Age-Related Memory Decline Be Reversed?

RESEARCH NEWS 1999-09-22 Research News Writing in the current Nature Neuroscience, Heather Cameron and Ronald D.G. McKay report that they were able to boost the rate of neurogenesis in the hippocampus of aging rats by lowering corticosteroid levels. The results support the ...

APP Has a Role in Synaptic Development

RESEARCH NEWS 1999-09-15 Research News In today's Journal of Neuroscience, Vivian Budnik, Laura Torroja, and their colleagues at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and Brandeis University, Massachusetts, provide evidence that under normal circumstances, APP is a ...

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