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More Vaccine Results in Nature

RESEARCH NEWS 2000-12-20 Research News A trio of articles will appear in tomorrow's issue of Nature, reporting that Aβ peptide immunization reduces a memory deficit in transgenic mouse models of AD. The findings from the University of Toronto and University of South Florida ...

Immune Proteins Play Role in Brain Development and Remodeling

RESEARCH NEWS 2000-12-19 Research News Two immune proteins found in the brains of mice help the brain develop and may play key roles in triggering developmental disorders like dyslexia and neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson's disease, according to a Harvard Medical ...

Evidence of Genetic Factor in Late-Onset Parkinson's

RESEARCH NEWS 2000-12-15 Research News Mutations in the genes for α-synuclein and parkin have been linked to early onset Parkinsonism, but the role of genetics in the far more common late-onset disease has been less clear. Now an analysis of families in Iceland indicates that ...

Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting: Synuclein and Parkin Roundup

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2000-12-01 Conference Coverage Reported by Benjamin Wolozin, Natalie Golts and Peter Choi, Loyola University Medical Center The meeting in New Orleans demonstrated that the biology of α-synuclein and parkin are progressing at a rapid pace. Aggregation of α-synuclein ...

Reining in Macrophages

RESEARCH NEWS 2000-11-30 Research News Macrophage activity is thought to play a key role in Alzheimer's and some other neurodegenerative diseases, such as ALS, as well as in autoimmune disorders. The mechanisms that regulate macrophages could, therefore, be an important ...

Statins Reveal Role in Immune Response

RESEARCH NEWS 2000-11-29 Research News Statins have recently appeared on the radar screen for Alzheimer's researchers because of studies by Ben Wolozin and his colleagues showing that people who take the cholesterol-lowering drugs have a significantly reduced risk of ...

A Prion Associate Is Fingered

RESEARCH NEWS 2000-11-22 Research News The abnormal prion protein, but not the normal prion protein, binds with high affinity to plasminogen, a plasma component that has been linked to neurotoxicity, according to a report in the current Nature. Besides the obvious fact that this ...

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