Gently Used: Can Recycled Microglia Receptors Prevent Plaque?

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-06-28 Research News Microglia do much of the heavy lifting when it comes to removing Aβ, but how do they do it? Researchers led by Douglas Green, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee, have identified an endocytic recycling process by which ...

New Tool: Microglia-Specific Reporter Mice, With Choice of Colors

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-06-26 Research News Microglia, the ever-changing resident immune cells of the central nervous system, have come under intense scrutiny for their role in Alzheimer’s disease and other neuroinflammatory conditions. Tracking these famously elusive cells just got ...

Meet medRχiv: A New Preprint Server for Health Research

COMMUNITY NEWS 2019-06-25 Community News Today the co-founders of the preprint server bioRχiv, together with The BMJ in London and Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, launch a sister repository for research papers in the medical sciences. Called medRχiv, this free, ...

Drawing Closer: Alzheimer’s Blood Test for Primary Care

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-06-24 Research News In today’s JAMA Neurology, researchers led by Oskar Hansson, Lund University, Sweden, report how a fully automated immunoassay for plasma Aβ performed when they put it through its paces. Roche Diagnostic’s Elecsys system predicted Aβ ...

NfL: Useful in Differential Diagnosis?

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-06-22 Research News In a comprehensive meta-analysis, scientists led by Claire Bridel, VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, compared levels of neurofilament light in the cerebrospinal fluid of healthy controls and patients covering a spectrum of ...

Aβ Acts Through Pericytes to Throttle Brain Blood Flow

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-06-22 Research News In Alzheimer’s disease, blood flows sluggishly through the brain, partly because Aβ provokes small blood vessels to constrict. In the June 20 Science, researchers led by David Attwell at University College London blame this on pericytes, ...

Do Brain Waves During Sleep Reflect Aβ and Tau Pathologies?

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-06-21 Research News Could gauging Aβ and tau accumulation in healthy older adults be as simple as measuring their brain activity during sleep? Researchers led by Matthew Walker, University of California, Berkeley, think it might. In the June 17 Journal of ...

TADPOLE Challenge: Winners Forecast AD Symptoms

COMMUNITY NEWS 2019-06-19 Community News Results are in for the TADPOLE Challenge—a prize contest that invited researchers to come up with their own ways of predicting dementia symptoms in participants enrolled in the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI). In a live ...

Parsing Local and Distal Aβ Shows Links to Metabolism, Cognition

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-06-14 Research News For decades, researchers have wondered why Aβ deposits in the brain correlate poorly with local neural activity and cognition. Perhaps the correlation was not that weak, after all. A study in the June 4 Nature Communications suggests that it ...

Sliced by ApoE Genotype, Whole Exome Data Yield New AD Variants

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-06-14 Research News Does the head honcho of genetic Alzheimer’s risk occlude contributions of smaller genes? In the June 10 JAMA Neurology, researchers led by Lindsay Farrer at Boston University exposed some hidden variants that have languished in the shadow of ...

Study Strengthens Link between Hepatitis C Virus, Parkinson’s

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-06-13 Research News Epidemiology has tied infection with hepatitis C to an increased risk for Parkinson’s disease. But what happens when the infection is treated? By surveying medical records of nearly 200,000 patients, researchers led by Ying-Zu Huang and Rou ...

Dead Microglia Pave the Way for Myelin Regeneration

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-06-12 Research News In brain disease, microglia can be villains or heroes. How to encourage the latter? In the June 10 Nature Neuroscience, researchers led by Veronique Miron at the University of Edinburgh tried by killing off the troublemakers. In a mouse ...

Two Proteins in Young Blood Give Synapses a SPARC

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-06-11 Research News Human neurons sprouted more synapses and fired off more action potentials when bathed in serum from young, but not old, mice, according to a study published June 3 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Kathlyn Gan and Thomas ...

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