With Tau in Synapses, NO Neurovascular Coupling

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-08-21 Research News When too much tau invades dendrites, synaptic signaling goes haywire. Now, researchers led by Costantino Iadecola at Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, accuse this mislocalized tau of disrupting neurovascular coupling as well. In the ...

Tunneling Nanotubes—How Pericytes Control Blood Flow

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-08-19 Research News In the healthy central nervous system, blood flows where neurons need it most. Now, researchers led by Adriana Di Polo at the University of Montreal help explain why. In the August 12 Nature, they describe a new mechanism for fine control of ...

Can Loss of a Single Protein Domain Cause ‘Alzheimer’s’ in Mice?

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-08-14 Research News Though it carries nary a human transgene, a new mouse model developed many of the hallmark features of Alzheimer’s disease, according to a study published August 14 in Science Advances. Mice deficient in the WD domain of the autophagy ...

Klotho VS Variant Preserves Memory by Preventing Tangles

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-08-14 Research News Researchers are beginning to uncover genetic factors that modify the ability of amyloid plaques to spur tau pathology. Now, scientists led by Michael Ewers at Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, add a longevity gene into the mix. In a ...

At AAIC, Hints of Target Engagement for Some Drug Candidates

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2020-08-12 Conference Coverage This year’s virtual Alzheimer’s Association International Conference featured no new efficacy data from large clinical trials, but there were some snippets of news from early phase studies. CT1812 by Cognition Therapeutics (CogRx) ...

Umibecestat-Driven Cognitive Decline Is Reversible

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2020-08-12 Conference Coverage At this year’s virtual Alzheimer’s Association International Conference, researchers from Novartis and the Banner Alzheimer’s Institute presented highly anticipated follow-up data from the massive Generation 1 and 2 Phase 3 trials. ...

FDA Accepts Aducanumab Application for Priority Review

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-08-08 Research News The fate of aducanumab now rests in the hands of regulators at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Biogen of Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Eisai Co. Ltd., Tokyo, announced on August 7 that the agency had accepted its Biologics ...

Heart Health Is Brain Health, and It Starts in Your 20s

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2020-08-07 Conference Coverage Having established that poor cardiovascular health in midlife increases the risk of cognitive decline and dementia as a person ages, scientists are now pushing to see if the same relationship might hold true even earlier in life. ...

Lancet Commission’s Dementia Hit List Adds Alcohol, Pollution, TBI

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2020-08-04 Conference Coverage At this year’s virtual Alzheimer’s Association International Conference, researchers presented an update to “Dementia prevention, intervention, and care,” the 2017 report commissioned by The Lancet. Published July 30, the new report ...

IDEAS Finds Small Drop in Hospitalizations, Missing Goal

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2020-08-01 Conference Coverage Numerous studies have now found that amyloid PET scans can alter a person’s diagnosis and disease management—but do they reduce overall medical costs? According to data from the final phase of the IDEAS study, presented at the virtual ...

Doubling Down on Sequencing Serves up More Alzheimer’s Genes

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2020-07-31 Conference Coverage The list of rare and common genetic variants that sway a person’s risk of Alzheimer’s disease just got substantially longer, as researchers expanded both the breadth and depth of genomic studies aimed at uncovering the etiology of the ...

Paper Alert: Those PIGs! Spatial Transcriptomics Add Human Data

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-07-30 Research News Far from being innocent bystanders to pathology, amyloid plaques actively stir up trouble by perturbing the brain tissue surrounding them, according to researchers led by Mark Fiers and Bart De Strooper at KU Leuven, Belgium. In a preprint ...

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