Blood Tests of Phospho-Tau, Aβ42, Track With Brain Amyloid

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2019-12-19 Conference Coverage While a suite of new CSF markers has entered a mature stage where they get validated with identical methods in large international cohorts (see previous CTAD story), much newer blood tests are catching up fast. Scientists are pushing ...

Fluid AD Biomarkers Link P-Tau to Synapses, Inflammation

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2019-12-19 Conference Coverage CSF Aβ42 and phospho-tau may remain the quintessential fluid Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers for now, but a growing cadre of other markers are also proving their worth. At the Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s Disease conference, held ...

Exposure, Exposure, Exposure? At CTAD, Aducanumab Scientists Make a Case

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2019-12-13 Conference Coverage There was a new feeling in the air at the 12th Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s Disease conference. It felt good: After decades of failure, the field might finally be turning a corner. The renewed optimism at the meeting, held December 4 ...

To Monitor Neurons, Microglia Talk With the Boss, aka the Soma

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-12-13 Research News To ensure homeostasis in the brain, microglia are constantly feeling about with their finger-like processes, making sure that all is well, or sensing problems and rearing up to help. A study in today’s Science suggests that these processes ...

Gosuranemab, Biogen’s Anti-Tau Immunotherapy, Does Not Fly for PSP

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-12-13 Research News Biogen announced today that its anti-tau passive immunotherapy, gosuranemab, had failed to pass muster in a Phase 2 trial for people with progressive supranuclear palsy. Biogen will continue testing the immunotherapy in the Phase 2 TANGO ...

Does a Breached Blood-Brain Barrier Cause Seizures in AD?

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-12-06 Research News In back-to-back papers in the December 4 Science Translational Medicine, scientists led by Daniela Kaufer, University of California, Berkeley, and Alon Friedman, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel, report that age-related ...

Lysosomal Diseases: Stepping Stones to Gene Therapy for Alzheimer’s?

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-12-05 Research News Gene therapy has re-emerged as a potentially revolutionary treatment for familial and, eventually, sporadic, Alzheimer’s disease (Parts 2 and 3 of the Society for Neuroscience 2019 annual meeting series). While researchers are mulling over ...

Gene Therapies Enter Trials for Many Brain Pathologies—What about AD?

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2019-11-28 Conference Coverage Buoyed by success in spinal muscular atrophy, scientists are once again devising gene-based therapies for neurodegeneration. Some are permanent, which makes proving their safety all the more challenging. Still, as shown at this year’s ...

Time to Try Again: Gene-Based Therapy for Neurodegeneration

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2019-11-27 Conference Coverage Twenty years ago, researchers took fibroblasts from the skin of eight Alzheimer’s patients, engineered them to produce nerve-growth factor, and slid them into each volunteer’s basal forebrain. They hoped the neurotrophin would halt or ...

The Human Brain Hosts a Menagerie of Microglia

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-11-23 Research News For brain cells, what do aging, living in white matter, and hanging out with tumors have in common? If you’re a microglia, these all upset your homeostasis. On November 18 in Nature Neuroscience, researchers led by Marco Prinz of the ...

Microglia Inflammasome Stokes Tau Phosphorylation, Tangles

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-11-22 Research News Microglia have been firmly linked to amyloid plaques, but scientists are only beginning to examine their relationship to tau tangles. In the November 20 Nature, Michael Heneka and colleagues at the German Center for Neurodegenerative ...

Minocycline Does Not Work in Mild Alzheimer’s Disease

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-11-22 Research News Treatment with the antibiotic minocycline failed to slow cognitive decline or functional impairment in patients with mild Alzheimer’s disease, according to a November 18 paper in JAMA Neurology. Researchers led by Robert Howard, University ...

Cell-Specific Enhancer Atlas Centers AD Risk in Microglia. Again.

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-11-16 Research News Most GWAS hits lie in noncoding regions of the genome, making it hard to figure out what they do. To address this, researchers led by Christopher Glass at the University of California, San Diego, analyzed epigenetic data from purified ...

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