Is a Woman’s Brain More Susceptible to Tau Pathology?

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-02-08 Research News Some studies of cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers suggest that women accumulate more tau pathology early in Alzheimer’s disease than do men. In the February 4 JAMA Neurology, researchers led by Rachel Buckley and Reisa Sperling at Massachusetts ...

Panel of Blood Markers Signals Amyloid in Brain

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-02-07 Research News Yet another potential blood test for amyloid pathology has entered the ring. Using mass spectrometry to take an unbiased look at plasma proteins, researchers led by Abdul Hye, King’s College London, found a panel of biomarkers that predicted ...

Cholesteryl Esters Hobble Proteasomes, Increase p-Tau

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-02-07 Research News A cholesterol metabolite boosts accumulation of phosphorylated tau, according to a paper in the January 16 Cell Stem Cell. Researchers led by Lawrence Goldstein at the University of California, San Diego, reported that cholesteryl esters ...

Cancer Treatment Takes Aim at Tauopathy

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-02-05 Research News Three years ago in a high-profile paper, researchers led by Michal Schwartz at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, deployed an immune-boosting approach pioneered for cancer in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease. The ...

In Alzheimer’s, Too Little REST Spurs Too Much Neurogenesis

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-02-04 Research News A paper published January 29 in Cell Reports claims that among the earliest changes in sporadic Alzheimer’s disease (SAD) are genetic changes that lead to premature neurogenesis. Scientists led by Bruce Yankner, Harvard Medical School, found ...

ApoE Binds Complement Protein, Keeps Inflammatory Cascade in Check

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-02-01 Research News This story was updated on February 5, 2019. Just when you thought ApoE biology couldn’t get any more complicated, scientists have discovered a new function for this apolipoprotein. According to a January 28 paper in Nature Medicine, ApoE ...

In Pathology Cascade, Microglia Rev Up After Plaques but Before Tangles

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-02-01 Research News Microgliosis goes hand-in-hand with Alzheimer’s disease, but the exact staging remains murky. A neuropathological study in the January 24 Nature Communications now places one type of microglial activation into the AD pathological cascade. ...

Blood Test Granted Breakthrough Status, To Be Tested in Trial

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-02-01 Research News St. Louis-based C2N announced  this week that the Food and Drug Administration has fast-tracked review of its blood test for amyloid pathology, granting it Breakthrough Device designation. This status is reserved for devices that could ...

Roche Pulls Plug on Two Phase 3 Trials of Crenezumab

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-01-31 Research News Yesterday, Roche announced a halt to the Phase 3 CREAD 1 and CREAD 2  trials of the anti-amyloid antibody crenezumab. According to a company press release, an interim analysis found the trial was unlikely to reach its primary endpoint of ...

SPRINT MIND Data Published, Follow-Up Extended

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-01-30 Research News Results of the SPRINT MIND trial were published in the January 28 JAMA Neurology. The data indicate that reducing systolic blood pressure to about 120 mmHg over 3.25 years cut the incidence of mild cognitive impairment by 19 percent in ...

An Antimicrobial Approach to Treating Alzheimer’s?

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-01-28 Research News Do periodontal bacteria cause some cases of Alzheimer’s disease? Scientists at one start-up think so, and their investors are putting their money where their mouths are, moving forward with clinical development of a bacterial protease ...

Dementia: Frailty Hastens It, Physical Activity Wards It Off

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-01-25 Research News How is it that some people can have a brain full of plaques and tangles, yet somehow fend off dementia? By way of explanation, the concept of cognitive reserve tends to come up and now, two new postmortem studies suggest that physical ...

Another Reason to Catch Some Zzzs: Sleep Regulates Tau Release

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-01-25 Research News As if we needed yet another reason to get a good night’s sleep. David Holtzman and colleagues at Washington University in St. Louis claim in the January 24 Science that tau in a person’s cerebrospinal fluid tapers off during sleep and spikes ...

Rocking Improves Sleep and Memory in Adults

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-01-25 Research News Rocking isn’t just for babies anymore—it can soothe slumbering adults, too. Two papers in the January 24 Current Biology online suggest that a gentle, rhythmic sway throughout the night promotes sleep and memory. In the first study, ...

BACE and γ-Secretase Form Mega-Complex that Processes APP

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-01-23 Research News The production of Aβ peptides from the amyloid precursor protein is a two-step affair: A first cut by the β-secretase (BACE) releases the extracellular portion of APP, leaving the C-terminal fragment (CTF) to find its way to γ-secretase for ...

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