In Mice, Caspase-1 Inhibitor Quells Inflammation, Aβ, Memory Loss

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-10-02 Research News A small-molecule inhibitor of caspase-1 has a seemingly large effect in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers led by Andréa LeBlanc of McGill University in Montreal reported in the September 25 Nature Communications that VX-765 ...

Are Tauopathies Caused by Neuronal and Glial Senescence?

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-09-28 Research News In Alzheimer’s disease, tau tangles correlate closely with neurodegeneration, but how they work their mischief remains unclear. Two papers now link tau to the buildup of senescent cells in the brain. These aged, sick cells can neither divide ...

Nilvadipine Fails to Slow Cognitive Decline in AD Patients

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-09-28 Research News A putative amyloid-lowering agent, the blood pressure drug nilvadipine has proven ineffective in people with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease in a Phase 3 trial. In the September 24 PLoS Medicine, researchers led by Brian Lawlor at St. ...

$2.34 Billion Alzheimer’s Budget Signed Into Law

COMMUNITY NEWS 2018-09-28 Community News A spending bill that allocates $2.34 billion to Alzheimer’s research funding for fiscal year 2019 was signed into law by President Trump today. The bill passed the Senate last month by an 85–7 vote, and was approved by the House in its ...

RNA-Binding Protein Linked to Ataxin-2 toxicity

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-09-28 Research News An RNA-binding protein never before linked to neurodegeneration may conspire with ataxin-2 to decimate the neuronal transcriptome. According to a September 7 paper in Nature Communications, the cytoplasmic Staufen1 accrues in neurons when ...

Exercise Linked to Less Pathology, Better Function in Familial AD

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-09-27 Research News People with autosomal-dominant mutations in APP or presenilin genes develop early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Could a healthy lifestyle mitigate this genetic misfortune? A new study indicates that it may. A cross-sectional study of ...

In DIAN, Serial and Cross-Sectional Biomarker Trajectories Diverge

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-09-25 Research News Kiss those smooth, sigmoidal curves goodbye, and embrace the jumbled complexity of spaghetti plots. Longitudinal data charting the trajectories of a bevy of biomarkers in people with autosomal-dominant AD (ADAD) was published September 20 in ...

Flortaucipir Imaging Distinguishes Alzheimer’s From Other Disorders

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-09-21 Research News Most tau PET tracers detect only the type of misfolded tau found in Alzheimer’s disease. In the September 18 JAMA, researchers led by Rik Ossenkoppele at VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, and Oskar Hansson at Lund University, Sweden, ...

In Conditional BACE1 Knockouts, Hippocampal Axons Compromised

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-09-21 Research News BACE1 knockout mice have more than their fair share of problems, but is it because they lack the enzyme during development or during adulthood? New conditional knockouts from the lab of Robert Vassar, Northwestern University, Chicago, ...

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