Islands of Mutated Neurons Dot the Brain. Are They Bad for Us?

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-10-23 Research News The genomes we inherit from our parents are not set in stone. After sperm meets egg, and mitosis is on its merry way, mutations occur in our DNA. They give rise to populations of cells harboring unique genomes and indeed, researchers suspect ...

New Antibody Binds to Mid-Region, and Aggregates, of Tau

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-10-22 Research News With growing interest in tau immunotherapy, researchers are exploring new antibodies that may have therapeutic potential for Alzheimer’s disease. In particular, recent findings suggest that antibodies against tau’s mid-region are the most ...

Getting Between Fibrin and Complement Receptor Cools Inflammation

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-10-20 Research News An antibody to the blood-clotting protein fibrin leaves coagulation alone but blocks the ensuing inflammatory cascade. Scientists led by Katerina Akassoglou, Gladstone Institutes, San Francisco, created the antibody to block a small domain ...

Across Time and Space: Machine Learning Reveals Paths to Dementia

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-10-19 Research News Researchers face a challenge in understanding the brain changes during the long course of Alzheimer’s disease. It’s not possible to track neurodegeneration continuously in individual people for up to 30 years, so instead scientists collect ...

High-Resolution Map of Hippocampus Reveals Multiple Subnetworks

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-10-19 Research News Despite reams of research on the hippocampus, scientists still know relatively little about its internal organization. Anatomists divide the hippocampal formation into six regions, but most functional studies define only two main networks, ...

ALS on a Chip—A Model for Screening Therapeutics?

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-10-18 Research News Though motor neurons are the primary victims in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, it is their waning connections with muscles that ultimately triggers symptoms of the disease. This complex interaction can now be mimicked on a tiny silicone chip ...

Crystal Structure of Aβ and Proposed Receptor Solved

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-10-16 Research News The LilrB2 receptor on the surface of neurons binds Aβ and is thought to mediate some of its toxicity. Researchers led by Lin Jiang and David Eisenberg at the University of California, Los Angeles, now detail the part of Aβ involved, and the ...

Mixed Messages: mRNA Splicing Errors May Promote Alzheimer’s

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-10-13 Research News Many genetic variants predispose to Alzheimer’s disease, but exactly how remains a mystery. In the October 8 Nature Genetics, researchers led by Philip De Jager at Columbia University and Towfique Raj at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount ...

Intelligence Matters More for Brain Reserve, but Education Helps

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-10-12 Research News Two recent studies examine the effect of early life brain function on late-life risk for Alzheimer’s disease. On September 7 in the new, open-access journal JAMA Network Open, scientists led by Susan Lapham, American Institutes for Research, ...

Sans Synuclein Tetramers, Mice Mimic Parkinson’s Disease

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-10-12 Research News A new model of Parkinson’s disease re-creates key features of the disorder, and helps steady one disputed theory of what causes it. Mice carrying mutations that disrupt physiological tetramers of the α-synuclein protein develop brain ...

Noncoding RNAs Evince World of Gene Regulation in Dopaminergic Neurons

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-10-08 Research News Emanating from the largely unknown vastness of the non-protein-coding genome are tens of thousands of unique transcripts that point to a hidden world of gene regulation in human neurons. Researchers led by Clemens Scherzer of Brigham and ...

Does APP Promote Synapse Loss, Aβ Production Through Wnt Signaling?

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-10-05 Research News A new signaling role is being proposed for the amyloid precursor protein. According to a September 20 paper in Translational Psychiatry, APP binds co-receptors of multiple branches of the Wingless/int-1 (Wnt) signaling pathway, variously ...

ALS Gene Tied to Psychiatric and Neurodevelopmental Disease

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-10-05 Research News Mutations in the C9ORF72 gene cause both the fatal motor-neuron disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and frontotemporal dementia, the second-leading cause of early onset dementia after Alzheimer’s. The gene may bear other bad news, ...

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