Sixth Int. Conference on AD: Genetics I

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 1998-07-18 Conference Coverage This session was disappointing, offering nothing really new. What new data were presented appear to be very controversial. Farrer et al. (Abstract 280) tried to confirm the linkage described by Duke University, North Carolina. They ...

Progress in Anti-inflammatory Drugs for Alzheimer's

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-05-20 Research News The brains of Alzheimer's disease victims are peppered with neuritic plaques-microscopic, spherical structures containing, among other things, deposits of β amyloid peptide, dead and dying neurons and evidence of inflammation. The ...

A Role for a Synuclein Protein

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-05-18 Research News Synucleins are small cytoplasmic proteins that are found in synaptic terminals. They are present in senile plaques and Lewy bodies (features of Alzheimer's disease and familial Parkinson's disease). Synucleins also bind amyloid ...

Success with Artificial Chromosomes

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-05-01 Research News (From Nature Biotechnology press release.) Each cell in our bodies contains 46 chromosomes. But one day far in the future, doctors may give us an extra miniature chromosome containing therapeutic genes to treat disease. Researchers are ...

Transgenic Mouse Mill

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-04-09 Research News Breeding “knockout” mice is a prized tool for evaluating the function of genes, but it is a ponderous and costly tool, consuming many months and thousands of dollars to create each new knockout strain. But that could soon change. In today’s ...

New Parkinson’s Gene

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-04-09 Research News A gene on the long arm of chromosome 6 has been linked to an inherited form of Parkinson’s disease, called autosomal recessive juvenile parkinsonism (AR-JP). The research team of Nobuyoshi Shimizu and colleagues at Keio University School of ...

New Alzheimer's Journal

COMMUNITY NEWS 1998-02-23 Community News Scientists often complain that scientific journals take too long to review manuscripts, and that subscription prices are unaffordable. A new journal devoted to Alzheimer's disease research, Alzheimer's Reports, aims to carve out a ...

Normal Presenilin-1 May Inhibit Amyloid β Formation

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-01-22 Research News Researchers trying to study the role of presenilin-1 (PS1) in Alzheimer's pathogenesis have been stymied by the fact that presenilin knockout mice die before birth. Bart De Strooper from the Flemish Institute of Biotechnology in Belgium ...

Caspase's Role in Apoptosis Clarified

RESEARCH NEWS 1998-01-01 Research News Two recent papers describe the processes involved in the final stages of apoptotic cell death. During apoptosis, enzymes known as caspases break down cellular proteins, causing severe morphological changes and cell shrinkage. In the final ...

Copper-binding Function for Prion Protein?

RESEARCH NEWS 1997-12-18 Research News A pathologic form of prion protein is believed to cause scrapie, bovine spongiform encephalopathy and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. The normal function of prion protein is yet unknown, but a recent study by Hans Kretzschmar of the University of ...

Proteoglycans Inhibit Axon Regeneration

RESEARCH NEWS 1997-12-18 Research News Why is the adult mammalian central nervous system unable to regenerate damaged axons? Scarring of glial tissue may be a factor, according to Jerry Silver and his colleagues at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. The ...

New Microscope Reveals Alignment of Molecules in Living Cells

RESEARCH NEWS 1997-12-18 Research News An innovative microscope has been developed which provides scientists with a new window through which to explore the dynamics of molecular order and disorder in living cells and other quasi-liquid systems. Originally conceived by famed cell ...

Entire Genome Yields to a Chip

RESEARCH NEWS 1997-11-24 Research News Researchers at California-based Affymetrix have analyzed the activity of every gene in the yeast genome in a single experiment using a new "DNA chip." This remarkable technological feat hints of a future, following completion of ...

Two New Genetic Risk Factors for Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease

RESEARCH NEWS 1997-10-16 Research News Scientists working in Oxford University and Duke University Medical Center this week reported the discovery of two new genetic risk factors for late-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Nearly 90 percent of all Alzheimer's cases are late-onset, ...

TGF-β1 Linked to Plaque Formation

RESEARCH NEWS 1997-10-09 Research News A history of brain injury raises a person’s risk of Alzheimer’s disease, and many researchers now suspect that the brain’s inflammatory responses to injury may magnify the neurodegenerative process. Now researchers have identified a ...

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