Webinars FAQs

Other Webinar: A Webinar is a seminar conducted remotely over the Web.  Attendees view the slides through their Web browser and hear the presentations over their own audio devices. Registration: All participants are to register by clicking on the "Register ...

About AD

Other EARLY ONSET FAMILIAL We have developed this special section of the Alzforum website to provide a resource for all who share an intense interest in familial early-onset AD (eFAD). We have created this series of articles for patients, family members, ...

Patient Resources

Other Patient Resources is a collection of information and web links on topics related to caring for people with Alzheimer's disease, including organizations that can provide assistance and support for Alzheimer's patients, their families and ...

Supported Browsers and Mobile Devices

Other Alzforum has been redesigned so that it works on many different internet browsers, including mobile, tablet and desktop devices. The site's new "responsive design" allows for optimal use, even on-the-go! The new Alzforum works best in ...


Other AlzGene is a collection of published Alzheimer's disease genetic association studies, with random-effects meta-analyses for polymorphisms with genotype data in at least three case-control samples. Note to all users: the redesign of the AlzGene ...

Help & FAQs

Other The new Alzforum has launched, and we couldn’t be more excited!  To prepare for this event, we took the time to anticipate a few questions you might have. Do I have to do anything differently to get to the website? No. Alzforum will still be at the same ...

About the Team

Other Stacie Weninger, President Stacie Weninger oversees the management and operation of Alzforum.  She is also the Executive Director of the F-Prime Biomedical Research Initiative, an organization whose mission is to advance the discovery of novel therapeutic ...

Early-Onset Familial AD: A Film About Dementia

Other Editor's Note:  In its original version, posted 1 June 2007, this film review contained errors that were introduced during the editing. They were not the author's mistakes. Please find the corrected version below.—Gabrielle Strobel. A Film About ...

Where to Turn for Research: Human Studies of eFAD

Other Unidad de Alzheimer y Otros Trastornos Cognitivos Hospital Clinic/Villarroel, Barcelona, Spain Summary Titled "Preclinical study of mutations causing monogenic dementia: cognitive performance, MRI study of brain volume and connectivity, CSF markers, ...

Where to Turn for Research: Human Studies of eFAD

Other University College London, UK Summary This  center  has among the longest-standing research initiatives in the area of human eFAD research. Starting even before the first genetic discovery of an AD gene in 1991, scientists in London have followed families ...

Where to Turn for Research: Human Studies of eFAD

Other Litwin-Zucker Research Center, Long Island Summary This new center is expanding its clinical and research activities geared toward eFAD. It provides a state-of-the-art evaluation service including clinical and neuropsychological testing and brain imaging. ...

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