When Glial Clocks Fall Out of Sync, Inflammation Ensues

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2018-12-21 Conference Coverage The circadian clock—the body’s molecular timekeeper—is best known for tuning our sleep, metabolism, digestion, and body temperature to the cycles of dark and light. Yet it controls other functions, as well. At the Society for ...

Tau Silences, Aβ Inflames; Hitting Excitatory Synapses Hardest

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2018-12-20 Conference Coverage Part 2 of a two-part story. Click here for Part 1. Long before neurons die in the Alzheimer’s brain, their synapses go kaput. Both Aβ and tau pathology have been blamed for this synaptic breakdown, but at the Society for Neuroscience ...

Toxic Tau: Who Are You, and Where Are You From?

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2018-12-20 Conference Coverage Part 1 of a two-part story. Click here for Part 2. Tau comes in many forms, and calls many locations home, both inside and outside of cells. Which is the one that wreaks damage to neurons, and where exactly does it reside? Researchers ...

How Immune Cells From Blood Beget Aging in Brain

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2018-12-14 Conference Coverage Never mind the wrinkles and gray hair. Embattled microglia, waning neurogenesis, and withering synapses are also part and parcel of the aging process. What drives those seemingly inexorable changes inside the brain? At the Society for ...

World Dementia Council Takes Stock of Progress, Challenges

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2018-12-12 Conference Coverage On December 5, global leaders came together at the Wellcome Trust offices in London for a meeting of the World Dementia Council, the body charged with leading the global response to dementia and coordinating international efforts ...

A Proteomics Dive into Cause of Frontotemporal Dementia

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2018-12-06 Conference Coverage If DNA makes RNA makes protein, then genomic variants make RNA make protein … make disease. While scientists have found polymorphisms that associate with various forms of frontotemporal dementia, deciphering how they perturb proteins ...

Tracking Onset and Progression of Frontotemporal Dementia

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2018-12-05 Conference Coverage Now that initiatives such as ARTFL and LEFFTDS have gathered sufficient numbers of participants for scientists to tackle prevention and treatment trials (see Part 2 of this conference series), the need for better tools to track onset ...

Natural History Studies Provide Foundation for FTD Research

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2018-12-05 Conference Coverage At the 11th International Congress on Frontotemporal Dementia, held November 11–14 in Sydney, no two acronyms were heard more than ARTFL and LEFFTDS. For those readers who have not built them into their FTD vocabulary yet, Advancing ...

11th ICFTD Meeting in Sydney Sorts Out Clinical Subtypes

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2018-12-04 Conference Coverage Indigenous Australian people opened the 11th International Conference on Frontotemporal Dementia at the International Convention Center, Sydney, November 11–14. Koomurri performers welcomed more than 600 attendees from 37 countries. ...

Going the Distance: FUS Travels to Terminals, Drops Off RNA

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2018-12-02 Conference Coverage Following their transcription from the genome, RNA messages exit the nucleus and enter the cytoplasm, sometimes traveling vast distances before they are finally translated into protein. RNA-binding proteins are helping hands on this ...

Beyond the Nucleus: TDP-43 Sticks Together, For Better or Worse

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2018-12-01 Conference Coverage Similar to a newborn human, nascent RNA transcripts need a lot of coddling before they realize their purpose in life (that is, translation into protein). It takes a village of RNA-binding proteins to accomplish this. They see to the ...

Which Are the Right Tests to Satisfy New FDA Guidance?

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2018-11-27 Conference Coverage As researchers push toward testing Alzheimer’s drugs at presymptomatic stages, the hurdle before them—how to show efficacy and get a drug approved—looks different than before. In its February 2018 draft guidance for industry, the U.S. ...

Trial-Ready Cohorts Take Shape in Europe and U.S.

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2018-11-20 Conference Coverage To speed up recruitment into Alzheimer’s trials, researchers have created innovative new platforms that establish trial-ready cohorts of people at early disease stages. The farthest along is the European Prevention of Alzheimer’s ...

Trials of Diabetes-Related Therapies: Mainly a Bust

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2018-11-20 Conference Coverage This is Part 2 of a two-part story. Click here for Part 1. The highs and lows of diabetes-related therapies were on display at the Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s Disease Conference, held October 24–27 in Barcelona, Spain. This time ...

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