IDEAS Finds Small Drop in Hospitalizations, Missing Goal

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2020-08-01 Conference Coverage Numerous studies have now found that amyloid PET scans can alter a person’s diagnosis and disease management—but do they reduce overall medical costs? According to data from the final phase of the IDEAS study, presented at the virtual ...

Doubling Down on Sequencing Serves up More Alzheimer’s Genes

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2020-07-31 Conference Coverage The list of rare and common genetic variants that sway a person’s risk of Alzheimer’s disease just got substantially longer, as researchers expanded both the breadth and depth of genomic studies aimed at uncovering the etiology of the ...

Paper Alert: Those PIGs! Spatial Transcriptomics Add Human Data

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-07-30 Research News Far from being innocent bystanders to pathology, amyloid plaques actively stir up trouble by perturbing the brain tissue surrounding them, according to researchers led by Mark Fiers and Bart De Strooper at KU Leuven, Belgium. In a preprint ...

Could Common Vaccines Protect Against Alzheimer’s Disease?

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2020-07-29 Conference Coverage During a viral pandemic, everything to do with vaccination is au courant. At this week’s virtual Alzheimer’s Association International Conference, two reports drew attention by turning on its head the field’s emerging research trend ...

Plasma p-Tau217 Set to Transform Alzheimer’s Diagnostics

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2020-07-29 Conference Coverage Suddenly, phospho-tau217 looks to be the most robust plasma biomarker for Alzheimer’s disease yet. That’s the general—and enthusiastic—consensus from two papers and several presentations at this year’s virtual Alzheimer’s Association ...

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