Mutant Tau Stiffens Axon Cytoskeleton Near Soma

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-09-20 Research News Changes to the microtubule-binding protein tau cause it to fall off these struts and aggregate, forming neurofibrillary tangles. But is that the reason for tau toxicity? A study in the September 18 Neuron suggests that V337M tau, a variant ...

In Mice and Men, Prostate Drug Reportedly Treats Parkinson’s Disease

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-09-20 Research News A drug commonly prescribed to keep enlarged prostates in check may hold promise for Parkinson’s disease. According to a study published September 16 in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, terazosin (TZ), an α1-adrenergic receptor ...

Phase 3 Trial Suggests Pimavanserin Assuages Psychosis in Dementia

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-09-18 Research News A Phase 3 trial of pimavanserin was halted early when the study met its primary endpoint of delaying relapse to psychosis in people with dementia, according to a press release  by its sponsor, Acadia Pharmaceuticals. Pimavanserin —a ...

Chris Dobson, Master of Protein Folding Research, Dies at 69

COMMUNITY NEWS 2019-09-17 Community News Researchers are mourning the passing of a giant in the field of protein chemistry. Christopher Dobson succumbed to cancer on September 8, a month shy of his 70th birthday. Dobson, who had worked at the University of Cambridge since 2001, ...

Among AD Mutations, Only ApoE4 Seems to Hobble Microglia

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-09-14 Research News New research adds to the evidence that ApoE regulates microglial health and activity. Researchers led by Tarja Malm at the University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio, examined how several Alzheimer’s risk factors affect microglia generated from ...

Results of Ladostigil Trial Published

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-09-13 Research News In a second Phase 2 strikeout, the small-molecule drug ladostigil missed its primary endpoint of curbing progression from mild cognitive impairment to AD, though people on a low-dose regimen did have less brain shrinkage over three years ...

Tiny Brain Structure Plays Big Role in Memory

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-09-13 Research News The humble locus coeruleus, a minute speck of tissue nestled deep in the brain stem, has received relatively scant attention in studies of cognitive decline. Now, data published September 9 in Nature Human Behavior add to a recent spate of ...

Hello Mitochondriomics: Tagging Method Identifies Different Subtypes

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-09-11 Research News Mitochondria may be the universal powerhouses of eukaryotic cells, but there is more to these organelles than just ATP production. According to a paper in the September 9 Nature Neuroscience, mouse mitochondria express distinct subsets of ...

PET Identifies Tangles Decades after a Single Traumatic Brain Injury

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-09-07 Research News Traumatic brain injuries trigger tau pathology and raise the risk of developing dementia later in life. Could tau PET tracers help researchers pick out those on the path to neurodegeneration? Yes, according to a paper in the September 4 ...

Can Induced Neurons Identify Early Signs of Neurodegeneration?

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2019-09-07 Conference Coverage Researchers have linked dozens of genetic loci to late-onset Alzheimer’s disease and found dozens more that cause familial forms of AD and other neurodegenerative diseases. Teasing out how each contributes to pathology has proven a ...

Islands of Tau Coat and Protect Cytoskeleton

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-09-06 Research News Two papers in the September 2 Nature Cell Biology present complementary evidence that tau condenses into a patchwork of rafts that coat microtubules. These patches share some properties with phase-separated liquid droplets of tau that have ...

Are Microglia Plaque Factories?

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-09-04 Research News Are microglia the masterminds of amyloid plaque formation? In the August 21 Nature Communications, researchers led by Kim Green at the University of California, Irvine, suggest these cells seed amyloid deposits. In a mouse model of ...

Smart Homes Open Doors to Insights into Aging, Dementia

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2019-08-30 Conference Coverage Replicating existing paper-and-pencil tests on tablets or smartphones is one thing (Part 13 of this series), but what about taking technology itself to the next level? What are the prospects for continuously collecting information on ...

Technology Brings Dementia Detection to the Home

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2019-08-30 Conference Coverage The past decade has seen increasing use of technology in dementia research. Computer games that provide cognitive training have become part of prevention studies, and trialists are working to move cognitive testing out of the clinic ...

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