Cell-Specific Enhancer Atlas Centers AD Risk in Microglia. Again.

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-11-16 Research News Most GWAS hits lie in noncoding regions of the genome, making it hard to figure out what they do. To address this, researchers led by Christopher Glass at the University of California, San Diego, analyzed epigenetic data from purified ...

Dipeptide Repeat Proteins Don’t Directly Block Nuclear Transport

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-11-15 Research News Lots of evidence suggests dipeptide repeat proteins translated from hexanucleotide repeat expansions in C9ORF72 interfere with transport of proteins in and out of the cell’s nucleus. However, an October 31 paper in Scientific Reports ...

Already in Mid-30s, Poor Vascular Health Means Small Brain at 70

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-11-13 Research News Updated November 14, 2019 Thirty-somethings take heed. A new study suggests it’s time to take care of your vascular health. Using data from the longest continuously running birth cohort in the world, researchers led by Jonathan Schott of ...

Acetaminophen Derivative Tempers Microglia, Spurs Plaque Clearance

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-11-08 Research News Researchers are searching for ways to dampen harmful inflammation and boost microglial phagocytosis in the Alzheimer’s brain. In the November 4 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers led by Hee Kyung Jin and Jae-sung ...

Older Retired Soccer Players Prone to Neurodegeneration

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-11-08 Research News Former professional soccer players are more likely to develop a neurodegenerative disease than the general population, according to a November 7 paper in the New England Journal of Medicine. Researchers led by William Stewart, University of ...

Can an ApoE Mutation Halt Alzheimer’s Disease?

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-11-04 Research News In today’s Nature Medicine, a team of researchers led by Yakeel Quiroz, Joseph Arboleda-Velasquez, Francisco Lopera, and Eric Reiman describe the case of a Colombian woman who inherited the autosomal-dominant E280A mutation in presenilin 1 ...

Deep Sleep Makes Waves for CSF

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-11-01 Research News Sleep is profoundly restorative for the brain, partly because it clears solutes and waste products. This flushing works best during the deepest periods of sleep, but why is that? Data from the lab of Laura Lewis, Boston University, suggest ...

Human Microglia Eat Synapses, More So in Alzheimer’s

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-10-30 Research News In mice, microglia eat synapses. Does this happen in the human brain, too? New data from the labs of Tara Spires-Jones and Barry McColl, both at the University of Edinburgh, suggests as much. In postmortem samples, the researchers uncovered ...

Small Molecules Liven Up Lethargic Lysosomes in Parkinson’s Neurons

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-10-30 Research News Constipation of the vesicular transport system in neurons is a core feature of Parkinson’s disease, and two new studies describe small-molecule approaches to get this cellular digestion pathway moving again. On October 16 in Science ...

Not Just Blood Pressure—Dietary Salt Linked to Tau Phosphorylation

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2019-10-25 Conference Coverage Too much salty food wreaks havoc on the cardiovascular system, raising blood pressure, damaging small blood vessels, and limiting perfusion into the brain. But is this why salt increases the chances of cognitive impairment? Not so fast ...

New Funding for Tauopathies

COMMUNITY NEWS 2019-10-25 Community News Research in tauopathies and frontotemporal lobar degeneration got two funding injections this month. The first is a newly established prize for tauopathy research, called the Rainwater Prize Program. Funders announced that $400,000 will go ...

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