Imaging Model Locates Epicenter of Disease, Predicts Atrophy

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-10-18 Research News In neurodegenerative diseases, specific brain regions take the brunt of pathology and atrophy. However, differences from one patient to another make it hard to predict the precise path of progression for any one person. Now, scientists led ...

Could Getting Enough REST Extend Your Life?

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-10-18 Research News Why do some people age better than others? In the October 16 Nature, researchers led by Bruce Yankner at Harvard Medical School once again credit the repressor element 1-silencing transcription factor (REST). People who lived to a ripe old ...

Tau Natively Unstructured? Not Always, New Study Says

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-10-17 Research News Researchers for years thought that tau was a natively unstructured protein. Then how in the world do its supposedly disordered monomers give rise to the orderly stacks of tau molecules seen in tau fibrils? Using chemical cross-linkers to ...

In Tauopathy, ApoE Destroys Neurons Via Microglia

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-10-17 Research News ApoE4 delivers a blow to neurons in mouse models of tauopathy but, according to a paper published October 10 in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, it only does so if mice have their microglia. Researchers led by David Holtzman at ...

Do Immune Cells in the Meninges Help with … Memory?

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-10-11 Research News Scientists in Portugal led by Julie Ribot and Bruno Silva-Santos, Universidade de Lisboa, report that a gaggle of specialized T cells hide out in the meninges of the healthy mouse brain, where they support both synaptic plasticity and short ...

TOM1: A Check on Runaway Inflammation in Alzheimer’s?

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-10-11 Research News Inflammation serves a purpose, but when it goes unchecked it can cause irreparable damage. On September 30 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, scientists led by Frank LaFerla and Rodrigo Medeiros at the University of ...

It Bleeds! New Mini-Brains Sport Functioning Blood Vessels

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-10-10 Research News While scientists can grow brain-like organoids in a culture dish, these tiny structures still lack many of the features of the real brain. Crucially, they don’t form a vascular system, which is essential for delivering oxygen to neurons deep ...

Adenosine Receptors Rev Up Immune Response, Memory Loss, in Tau Model

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-10-09 Research News Adenosine receptors may hasten inflammatory responses to tau pathology, according to a paper published this month in Brain. Researchers led by David Blum of the University of Lille, France, reported that in a mouse model of tauopathy, the ...

Mysterious RNA Circles Crop up in Alzheimer’s Brain

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-10-08 Research News As if the known universe of RNAs wasn’t vast enough, here’s a new entity: circular RNA. These rings form when the ends of a linear transcript become fastened together. Are they a result of splicing gone haywire, or do they serve a purpose? ...

Amyloid—It’s Not Whether, but for How Long You’ve Had It

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-10-05 Research News Critics of the amyloid hypothesis point out that some people with brain amyloid are cognitively fine, thank you very much. Indeed, variability in plaque burden among cognitively normal older people, combined with typically short follow-up ...

MRI and Machine Learning Depict Brain Aging in Health, Disease

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-10-04 Research News The human brain follows a typical aging trajectory, but diseased brains are further along, according to a paper in the September 24 Nature Neuroscience. Scientists led by Tobias Kaufmann and Lars Westlye, University of Oslo, Norway, analyzed ...

Anti-Agitation Drug Comes Up Short in Phase 3

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-10-03 Research News A drug being tested for its ability to calm agitation in Alzheimer’s disease provided no benefit in the TRIAD-1 Phase 3 trial, according to topline results announced by Avanir Pharmaceuticals on September 27 (see press release). The drug, ...

Frontal Metabolic Patterns Mark Behavioral Subtype of AD

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-09-28 Research News In a small percentage of people with Alzheimer’s disease, behavioral changes early on—such as a disregard for social norms or loss of empathy—can lead physicians to mistakenly diagnose behavioral variant frontotemporal dementia (bvFTD). How ...

“Runner Plasma” Jogs Neurogenesis, Quells Neuroinflammation in Mice

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-09-27 Research News Regular exercise infuses the blood with factors that benefit the brain, according to a manuscript posted on the bioRχiv preprint server on September 19. Researchers led by Tony Wyss-Coray of Stanford University reported that plasma taken ...

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