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Cognition in Aging Women: From Higher Perch, a Steeper Fall

RESEARCH NEWS 2021-03-04 Research News Are women at greater risk of cognitive decline than men? In a way, yes, according to researchers led by Andrzej Galecki, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. They pooled data from five well-established observational cohorts, analyzing ...

Herpes Update—Virus Increases Dementia Risk in Sweden

RESEARCH NEWS 2021-02-28 Research News Epidemiological evidence of herpes involvement in dementia continues to accrue. The latest finding comes from a Swedish cohort of 530,000 people, all over 50 years old. In the February 14 Alzheimer’s & Dementia, researchers led by Hugo ...

ALZgerm Challenge–No Winner, But Small Prizes to 8 Scientists

COMMUNITY NEWS 2021-02-28 Community News Three years ago, ALZgerm challenged researchers to find a single infectious agent responsible for Alzheimer’s disease. The bait was $1 million. Results were announced on February 23; alas, nobody took home the grand prize. Instead, ALZgerm ...

Would ApoE Make a Better Therapeutic Target Than Aβ?

RESEARCH NEWS 2021-02-26 Research News Although several anti-amyloid therapies in Alzheimer’s clinical trials melt away plaques, the process stresses blood vessels, causing tiny tears and fluid leakage into the brain. These morphological changes, dubbed amyloid-related imaging ...

Alzheimer’s Field Loses Fred van Leeuwen, 71

COMMUNITY NEWS 2021-02-26 Community News Fred van Leeuwen, professor at the Maastricht University in the Netherlands, passed away Wednesday, January 13. Van Leeuwen is best known for his discovery of a faulty transcription mechanism, dubbed “molecular misreading,” in the neurons ...

Massive GWAS Meta-Analysis Digs Up Trove of Alzheimer’s Genes

RESEARCH NEWS 2021-02-24 Research News The largest Alzheimer’s GWAS yet has netted 42 new risk loci. The haul, described in a preprint on medRxiv, comes from an enormous collaborative effort by Alzheimer’s geneticists, with 354 authors. They combined findings from multiple ...

TWAS x GWAS? Transcriptome Analysis Finds 11 Parkinson’s Genes

RESEARCH NEWS 2021-02-20 Research News First PWAS for AD, now TWAS for PD. Hot on the heels of a study that linked AD variants to changes in a protein-wide association study (Feb 2021 news), geneticists now have linked Parkinson’s genome-wide association hits to genes in ...

In Triculture Model, Astrocyte-Microglia Cross Talk Spurs Inflammation

RESEARCH NEWS 2021-02-16 Research News In the brain, complex interactions between different cell types can drive inflammation and disease. This cross talk is hard to study in vitro, because culture systems are often too simple to recapitulate the intricacies of the brain, or the ...

Not Merely Tau Tombstones, Neurofibrillary Tangles Are Dynamic

RESEARCH NEWS 2021-02-13 Research News Far from being inert intracellular pebbles, inclusions formed by misfolded tau are quite dynamic, according to a paper in the January 26 Acta Neuropathologica. Todd Golde and colleagues at University of Florida, Gainesville, reported seeing ...

New Smartwatch Utility Tracks Parkinson’s Symptoms

RESEARCH NEWS 2021-02-12 Research News Over the past decade, the use of wearable technology has skyrocketed, from fitness trackers to heart-rate-monitoring straps to Bluetooth-connected shoes. Not only do they help consumers stay fit, but they also offer scientists the ability to ...

Make Proteins, Save Memory: The Cellular Stress Response and Synapses

RESEARCH NEWS 2021-02-12 Research News When neurons stress out, they put the kibosh on protein production until conditions improve. If the stress persists, the shutdown can be disastrous for synaptic function. Now, a study led by Sergio Ferreira at the Federal University of Rio ...

Inactivity May Be a Symptom, Not a Cause, of Dementia

RESEARCH NEWS 2021-02-11 Research News Keeping the brain active in our golden years—whether by taking up a hobby, doing those crossword puzzles, or socializing with friends—can stave off dementia, right? While this “use it or lose it” mantra seems intuitive, it might not be true, ...

Striking Microgliosis in New APP Knock-in Mice

RESEARCH NEWS 2021-02-06 Research News A new APP knock-in mouse has hit the scene. Researchers led by Pascal Sanchez, Denali Therapeutics, San Francisco, California, described the details in a paper posted to bioRxiv on January 20. They humanized the Aβ sequence in the mouse APP ...

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