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Are Reversible Amyloids Behind Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation?

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-02-16 Research News Many proteins involved in neurodegeneration have a penchant to undergo liquid phase separation, where they coalesce into highly concentrated fluid droplets. These dynamic and reversible assemblies have important physiological functions, but ...

Microglial Transcriptome Hints at Shortcomings of AD Model

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-02-16 Research News With the realization that microglia play a key role in neurodegenerative conditions, scientists have profiled their transcription patterns to see how they change during disease. A study published in the January 16 Cell Reports pulls together ...

Can Closed-Loop Brain Stimulation Improve Memory?

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-02-16 Research News Scientists have tried enhancing memory by modulating neurons in the brain, to little success. In the February 6 Nature Communications, researchers led by Michael Kahana and Daniel Rizzuto, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, scored a ...

Faulty Brain Clocks Precede Alzheimer’s, May Drive Pathology

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-02-15 Research News Circadian dysfunction is implicated in Alzheimer’s disease, but which one comes first? Two papers from scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis lend some clues. Yo-El Ju and colleagues report in the January 29 JAMA ...

In Familial Alzheimer’s, Tau Creeps into Cortex as Symptoms Show

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-02-14 Research News Researchers led by Yakeel Quiroz at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston have used PET imaging to measure both Aβ and tau deposition in members of a large Colombian kindred affected by an autosomal-dominant Alzheimer’s disease mutation. ...

Loss of Pericytes Wreaks Havoc in Mouse Brain

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-02-10 Research News Loss of pericytes, delicate cells that surround the smallest blood vessels in the brain, may contribute to white-matter disease, a breakdown of the myelinated neurons in the brain. That’s according to a paper in the February 5 Nature ...

Astrocytic IL-33 Signals Microglia to Engulf Synapses

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-02-07 Research News A growing body of research suggests that glial cells regulate synapse formation, maintenance, and pruning. In the February 1 Science, researchers led by Anna and Ari Molofsky at the University of California, San Francisco, identify a new ...

Tau Uses Synaptogyrin-3 to Clump Synaptic Vesicles

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-02-06 Research News Miscreant forms of tau are known to start trouble when they wander away from axons and into presynaptic terminals. In the February 1 Neuron, researchers report that the synaptic vesicle protein synaptogyrin-3 engages tau during this ...

Cancer and Neurodegeneration: Flip Sides of a Coin

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-02-03 Research News Researchers have long noted an inverse correlation between the odds of getting cancer and of getting a neurodegenerative disease. Now, a new genomic study of aging puts meat on the bones of that idea. In the January 30 Nature Communications, ...

Closing in on a Blood Test for Alzheimer’s?

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-02-02 Research News For decades, scientists have yearned for a blood test that can tell who accumulates amyloid in the brain. A simple blood draw would help fill clinical trials much more quickly and cheaply than PET scans or lumbar punctures. The dream looks ...

No Amyloid, No Memory Problem—Even with ApoE4?

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-02-02 Research News Amyloid, ApoE4, and aging—each is infamous for raising the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. But dig deeper and we are foggy about whether, or how, each factor weakens memory in the cognitively healthy. The latest findings from the Australian ...

Are ALS Dipeptide Repeat Ribbons Entangling Proteasomes?

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-02-02 Research News In the past year, cryoelectron microscopy has enabled scientists to crank out molecular structures of tau filaments, Aβ fibrils, and huntingtin aggregates. Now researchers led by Wolfgang Baumeister, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, ...

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