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Biomarkers of Errant Endosome Spotted in Cerebrospinal Fluid

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-12-04 Research News Does jammed-up protein recycling in neurons cause proteins to spill into the cerebrospinal fluid in Alzheimer’s disease? As reported in the November 25 Science Translational Medicine, scientists led by Scott Small at Columbia University, New ...

Microglia in Tauopathy: Not Just Homeostatic Versus DAM

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-12-04 Research News In recent years, research has implicated microglia ever more deeply in neurodegenerative diseases, yet exactly how these cells act in specific clinical dementia syndromes still needs to be refined. In the November 18 Cell Reports, ...

In the United States, Racial Disparities in Dementia Risk Persist

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-12-03 Research News In the U.S., African Americans are more likely to get dementia than are whites. It is unclear why, although it could have something to do with a higher burden of cardiovascular disease, which boosts dementia risk. Societal improvements in ...

Does Parkin Substrate Kick-Start Lewy Bodies?

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-12-02 Research News Mutations in both parkin and α-synuclein are known to cause Parkinson’s disease, but whether their paths are intertwined is unclear. Now, researchers led by Yunjong Lee at Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, South Korea, suggest they ...

Paper Alert: Trafficking Variants Cause BACE Buildup in Axons

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-11-27 Research News Does Aβ cause the axonal dystrophies found in the Alzheimer’s disease brain, or do dystrophies cause the Aβ? In the November 18 Science Translational Medicine, researchers led by Giuseppina Tesco at Tufts University, Boston, claim it is the ...

Plasma Aβ Test Wins Approval—Are p-Tau Tests Far Behind?

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-11-24 Research News As it happens, to find out what is going on in the brain of someone with Alzheimer’s disease, all it takes is a drop of blood. Unimaginable only three years ago, researchers now have plasma biomarkers that correlate with amyloid plaques, ...

Getting Under Your Skin: Does Vitiligo Elevate Dementia Risk?

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-11-22 Research News Could having the autoimmune disease vitiligo increase a person’s risk of dementia? Researchers led by Mu-Hong Chen at the Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan, said as much in the November 12 Journal of Dermatology. They scoured health ...

In Phase 2 Trial, Neflamapimod Aids Cognition in Lewy Body Dementia

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2020-11-21 Conference Coverage If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. This adage seemed to pay off for the clinical development of the drug neflamapimod. After failing to curb cognitive decline in people with AD, the drug appears to have done just that in ...

Learning Troubles Spied by Smartphone Track with Biomarkers

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2020-11-20 Conference Coverage When it comes to teasing out the earliest whiffs of cognitive impairment, nothing beats a comprehensive in-person exam at the memory clinic … right? Well, that may be changing. New findings presented at the Clinical Trials in Alzheimer ...

Aducanumab Still Needs to Prove Itself, Researchers Say

RESEARCH NEWS 2020-11-20 Research News Will Biogen’s aducanumab become the first drug approved to slow progression of Alzheimer’s disease? Biogen’s licensing application for the biologic ran into headwinds at a U.S. Food and Drug Administration advisory committee meeting held ...

TRC-PAD Funnel Finally Touches Down

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2020-11-17 Conference Coverage Part 3 of 3 Recruiting asymptomatic participants for secondary prevention trials such as AHEAD 3-45 is no small feat. How do you find people who are well on the road to Alzheimer’s disease but feel fine, thank you very much? Scientists ...

BAN2401 Forges AHEAD into Phase 3, Preclinical AD

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2020-11-17 Conference Coverage Part 2 of 3 As data from Phase 2 open-label extension studies is trickling in (see Part 1 of this story), the true test of BAN2401’s efficacy in both the early and preclinical stages of Alzheimer’s disease begins. In presentations at ...

BANish Aβ? BAN2401 Antibody Makes Its Move in Phase 3 Program

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2020-11-17 Conference Coverage Part 1 of 3 While much of the Alzheimer’s world was enthralled by the drama of the FDA advisory committee’s shellacking of aducanumab’s application for marketing approval (Nov 2020 news) the Clinical Trials in Alzheimer’s Disease (CTAD ...

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