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Astrocytes Are Just Dying to Spread Tau

RESEARCH NEWS 2021-07-30 Research News Scientists had previously reported that removing senescent glia from mouse models of tauopathy protected them from neurodegeneration. But what made those glia senescent to begin with? In the July 20 Cell Reports, researchers led by Rakez ...

Not Just Alzheimer's: Microglia Sculpt the Brain in Health and Disease

RESEARCH NEWS 2021-07-29 Research News Part 2 of 2 Judging by recent coverage on this site, Alzforum readers might be forgiven for thinking all microglia do is act prominently, if mysteriously, in Alzheimer's disease pathogenesis (see Part 1 of this series). Not so. Recent ...

New Ways to Target TREM2 Beg the Question: Up or Down?

RESEARCH NEWS 2021-07-29 Research News Part 1 of 2 Microglia are the hot ticket in Alzheimer’s research these days, with a stream of studies showing that these cells can worsen or lessen pathology. In this balance, their receptor TREM2 acts as a pivot point, controlling a host of ...

Can Donanemab Prevent AD? Phase 3 TRAILBLAZER-ALZ3 Aims to Find Out

COMMUNITY NEWS 2021-07-23 Community News After a Phase 2 study hinted that donanemab could curb cognitive decline in people with symptomatic AD, the amyloid-targeted drug will soon be evaluated for its ability to prevent the disease. According to a July 15 announcement, trial ...

Do Gene Expression Signatures of Aging Signal AD?

RESEARCH NEWS 2021-07-23 Research News Aging is a prerequisite for late-onset AD, but how does the aging process lead to AD in some people, but not others? Wielding gene expression data from multiple datasets to address this question, researchers led by Zhidong Tu at the Icahn ...

Estimates of Young-Onset Dementia Prevalence Just Doubled

RESEARCH NEWS 2021-07-22 Research News While the focus of dementia has been on older adults, people younger than 65 can also develop it. How common is such young-onset dementia? In the July 19 JAMA Neurology, researchers led by Sebastian Köhler, Maastricht University, Netherlands ...

More Evidence for Meningeal B Cells

RESEARCH NEWS 2021-07-18 Research News Evidence that the brain harbors its own cadre of immune cells continues to grow. In the July 12 Nature Neuroscience, researchers led by Gerd Meyer zu Hörste, University Hospital Münster, Germany, describe using single-cell transcriptomics to ...

Could Juicing Up Trafficking Abolish ApoE4’s Alzheimer’s Risk?

RESEARCH NEWS 2021-07-17 Research News What makes ApoE4 toxic? Joachim Herz at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas has a new answer to this old question. Because this isoform is more positively charged than ApoE3 or 2, it becomes sticky and insoluble in ...

Single-Cell Transcription Cum Chromatin Analysis Pins SREBF1 to AD

RESEARCH NEWS 2021-07-16 Research News As ever-improving analytical techniques enable scientists to better understand gene-expression changes in Alzheimer’s disease, Vivek Swarup, University of California, Irvine, and colleagues realized they could double up on analytical power ...

ApoE4 Hastens Alzheimer’s Disease in Down’s Syndrome

RESEARCH NEWS 2021-07-16 Research News ApoE4 accelerates Alzheimer’s disease in sporadic and familial cases, but does it do the same in people with Down’s syndrome? In the July 6 JAMA Neurology, researchers led by Juan Fortea and Alexandre Bejanin at the Hospital of Sant Pau in ...

Old Cytokine, New Tricks? Astrocyte IL-3 Pokes Microglia in AD

RESEARCH NEWS 2021-07-16 Research News Interleukin-3 is renowned for its role in determining the fate of blood cell progenitors, but now researchers claim it protects against Alzheimer’s disease, as well. In the July 14 Nature, researchers led by Filip Swirski at Icahn School of ...

Genomic Double-Stranded RNA: Does C9ORF72 Cause Viral Mimetic Disease?

RESEARCH NEWS 2021-07-09 Research News A telltale sign of viral invasion, double-stranded RNA sounds cellular alarm bells that touch off a firestorm of interferon. According to a paper published July 7 in Science Translational Medicine, dsRNAs that arise from non-viral sources, ...

Paper Alert: pQTLs Pin GWAS Loci to Tissue Proteins, Drug Targets

RESEARCH NEWS 2021-07-09 Research News Just as genetic variants can be tied to altered gene expression, they can also be pegged to protein changes. Researchers led by Carlos Cruchaga and Oscar Harari, both at Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, linked Alzheimer& ...

Peering Inside Stubby and Mushroom Dendritic Spines

RESEARCH NEWS 2021-07-08 Research News The words "mushroom" and "stub" denote two types of dendritic spines, but while their shapes are easy to behold, whatever biochemical differences hide within is a mystery. To explore what goes on inside, Silvio Rizzoli, ...

Taming ApoE Via the LDL Receptor Calms Microglia, Slows Degeneration

RESEARCH NEWS 2021-07-02 Research News The APOE gene exacerbates pathology not only of the amyloid variety, but tau, as well. Previous research has tied ApoE’s effect on tau to microglial activation, but how does ApoE trigger microglia? In the June 10 Neuron online, scientists ...

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