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BACE1 Conditional Knockouts Model Adult BACE Inhibition

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-02-21 Research News A new conditional knockout mouse offers clues on the effects of dialing down β-secretase, a.k.a. BACE1, a target for potential Alzheimer’s therapies. Researchers led by Riqiang Yan, Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland, report in the ...

Aged Astrocytes Prime Brain for Neuroinflammation

RESEARCH NEWS 2018-02-21 Research News Researchers believe that part of the reason why synapses disappear in neurodegenerative disease is that astrocytes and microglia reactivate synaptic pruning programs that had been dormant since development. However, few studies have looked ...

Director, Scientific Engagement

JOB 2018-02-21 Employer Alzheimer's Association Description The Alzheimer’s Association is seeking to hire two experienced, enthusiastic, and captivating spokespersons to serve in the role of director of scientific engagement. This key role will be responsible for ...

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